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‘Titanic’ Pervert Faces Jail

Sometimes you read things that make you want to barf like this news story. According to Halifax Evening Courier , Alfred Lenin Knapton (age 70) was convicted of eight counts of rape, three counts making indecent images, and three counts of sexual activity with a child. The Courier reports that his victims were two teenage girls and the ordeals lasted years.

The court was told the girls were subjected to the attacks on a regular basis. One of them said they happened weekly for five years until she turned 18, including one on her 14th birthday. The abuse of the second victim lasted two years.

The Titanic angle is that Knapton admitted taking indecent images but claimed they were recreating a scene from the movie. Fortunately the news does not describe the contents of those photos. Knapton faces serious time in the grey bar hotel and has to register as a sex offender when he gets out. One hopes he never gets out except feet first.