Russian Titanic! Humbug Says International Business Times

Rimskiy Korsakov, Bulgaria's sister ship
Rimskiy Korsakov, Bulgaria’s sister ship

A few days ago I wrote about the Bulgaria sinking on the Volga. Some are comparing thesinking to Titanic but the International Business Times disputes the comparison. For instance Titanic was a state of the art ship when it launched in 1912, but the Bulgaria (launched 1955) was far from that. It had few inspections over the last thirty years, is alleged to have been poorly maintained, and had outdated equipment.

According to reports, the Bulgaria hadn’t been seriously serviced since 1980, and one of the its engines was under-powered before the 56-year-old vessel set sail. When wind and choppy waters turned the boat sideways — a dangerous position for any boat to be in — the captain was unable to right the ship before it tipped.

But on one issue the IBT agrees it is like Titanic: both events were devastating and avoidable.

Source: International Business Times, Sunken Cruise Ship ‘The Bulgaria’ Is Not The ‘Russian Titanic’, 15 Jul 2011

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