Masterchef US, Season 6 Episode 9:Cooking The Ramsay Way

[Due to work and other things, I could not get to this until today.]

MasterChef_Logo_&_Wordmark.svg*This episode was all about Gordon Ramsay.  A few episodes ago we had a steak challenge in which he was the only judge. This episode was all about his famous Beef Wellington and scallop dish. Both are highly technical dishes and demonstrate who really is a cook or a chef at this point.

*The Mystery Box challenge was replaced by the Beef Wellington challenge. They sat in pairs in the dining room to eat it (except Hetal, who could not eat it and had to rely on Christopher to tell her about it). Then they cooked the Wellingtons and the dining pairs became teams and selected one to be tasted. Hetal was the surprise since her Wellington was judged very good (Christopher wisely did not submit his-too big and not good on the inside Wellington). Also a surprise was Derrick ending up on the bottom with Kerry, Katrina, and Nick who had inferior specimens.

*It became a Dreaded Pressure Test by having them all imitate a Ramsay scallop dish which he demonstrated. Katrina got flustered and was clearly out of her element but survived. So did Derrick. Nick did a great job and Gordon was clearly pleased. Sadly Kerry had timing issues and was missing many major components (he got the scallops done but mostly everything else never got on the plate despite being done). So Kerry got the chop and said adios.

The Top

The Middle

The Bottom


The promos for next episode indicate an early favorite could go but trick editing often can lead you astray. Rice is on the menu (lots of it that spills on the floor from the promos). And Gordon gets cheeky with Tommy.