MasterChef-Becky Goes Home

It is a good thing I did not put any money down on the top two would be. Had I done so, I would have lost as Becky was sent home. I was surprised because she has produced some stunning dishes and shown leadership in the kitchen. Yet in the final two challenges she was not quite up to her usual standards. She flubbed the first dish sending her to the bottom and in the elimination round produced good frog legs but her potatoes were soggy. The judges looked disappointed in what she gave them to taste and no wonder. They have seen how good she can really cook.

Christine and Josh looked focused in what they were doing while Becky less so. I wonder if she put so much pressure and expectations on herself that it finally unnerved her. Putting fish in fish stock showed something was off (usually made not with fillets but with bones and other parts not often eaten). Becky though was given one of those rare opportunities when she was sent home (at least on this show they do not say pack up your knives and leave). Gordon Ramsey offered her the opportunity to work in one of his restaurants. And I hope she does. She has incredible talent and with proper mentoring will become a chef many will talk about down the road. Good luck to you Becky and I do want to taste the food you plate!

So it comes down to Christine and Josh. Both are well matched and can produce stunning dishes. I tossed away my crystal ball and will wait to watch who wins. Christine has surprised everyone and Josh knows she is very talented. Josh is also not to be underestimated by any means. He has produced some stunning meals and earned admiration from the judges. Now comes the hardest test of all. They will cook the most important meal in MasterChef that will determine who wins it all.

Who you think will win?