Titanic II Builder Having Problems Filling Resort

Photo:Ian L(publicdomainpictures.net)

Clive Palmer is having problems with his Coolum resort.  Room rates are being slashed and promotions are being offered to draw people to stay. Layoffs have occurred dropping the once 650 workforce down to 90. The lack of business is hurting the local economy which depends upon people staying at such resorts. The reasons for the sudden lack of business could be that people are watching their cash or, as one news report speculates, that people are not liking Clive Palmer’s sometimes erratic behavior.

The sprawling golf-dinosaur-vintage car-Titanic-themed resort has 324 suites ranging in price from $400 to $2000 a night plus seven restaurants and bars. The vintage car museum and Palmersaurus Park were opened late last year with high entry costs that have failed to draw large crowds. Five accommodation packages and promotions are currently on offer to entice more visitors.

So what does this mean, if anything, for Titanic II? Possibly that Titanic II could be cancelled IF something were to go really amiss and Palmer pulls the plug. Thus far he has done a lot of preliminary steps and signed some contracts that indicate it is a go. When they start putting the keel down, then it becomes more real.

Source: Guest Numbers Low At Clive Palmer’s Coolum Resort (9 Feb 2014,Herald Sun)