Titanic II Update:Clive Palmer Wants To Make A Titanic Movie

Movie Camera
Photo: Public Domain

Now that Clive Palmer is building a Titanic replica, scheduled to sail in 2016, why not turn to movie making as well? According to Agence France-Presse(AFP), he has registered Palmer Pictures to be his movie production company. It turns out his father once had the same company in the 1920’s and produced two silent films in Australia. There is already a documentary to be filmed aboard its maiden voyage, but Palmer wants to one up James Cameron.

“It will be a love story,” he said. “We have a lot of actors from Hollywood, China and Europe who want to star in roles.” Palmer said his version of the Titanic would be “a lot better” than James Cameron’s 1997 global hit starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. “I could be in a deckchair having a drink,” he added of his dream to make a cameo appearance. Global interest in Titanic II has prompted Palmer’s latest film move, he said. “The script is still being worked on and of course we would be seeking major Hollywood stars and production people to be involved in the movie project,” he said.

Well this ought to be interesting. I bet it will be a Asian themed telling of the story considering how close his ties are with China. I am sure the old guard in Beijing would love to tell the tale of how greed, capitalism, and western values sank Titanic. Oh wait, the Nazi’s did that first! If the Chinese have a hand in it, expect it to be tightly controlled and scripts approved by them. Even if not, they will refuse it to be shown in China unless certain edits are made first to conform with their rules. They are already doing it already with many films, just like the Nazis did back in the 1930’s with Hollywood.

Source: Titanic 2? Australian Billionaire Plans A Film On The Iconic Ship(21 Oct 2013, Agence France-Presse)