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Sunday Titanic News

1. It is a sad thing when a grand ship of old is left to slowly rot. Sarah Hoyle writes a piece about the old steamship United States slowly decaying at a pier in Philadelphia. It costs $80,000 a month for maintenance, insurance and security. The SS United States Conservancy has a website where the public can donate to help preserve this grand ship.

SS United States
SS United States

Source: Sending Out An SOS For ‘America’s Flagship’(7 April 2013,CNN)

2. Yvonne Hume, whose great uncle John Hume perished when the ship sank in 1912, wants to become on of the first passengers of Titanic II. John Hume was a violinist who played with Wallace Hartley as the ship was sinking and considered a hero in his hometown of Dumfries, Scotland. She believes she can complete her great uncles voyage by sailing on the new ship. She has written a letter to Clive Palmer to request a place on Titanic II.

Source: Titanic Tribute To Tragic Dumfries Musician(7 April 2013, Scotsman)

3. The Titanic museum in Colne, Wallace Hartley’s hometown, might be moving in the near future reports the Lancashire Telegraph. The museum needs more room then at the present location at Old Grammar School. Hopefully they will get the needed funds to relocate and keep going.

Source: Titanic Museum In Colne Could Relocate To Samlesbury(6 April 2013, Lancashire Telegraph)

4. Robert Parr, according to the Times & Star, has created a painting of both Olympic and Titanic sailing together. It may be the only painting that does this. Parr presented the painting to Cliff Ismay, who is related to Bruce Ismay. The painting will be on display at the Maryport Maritime Museum  next weekend.

Source: Launch Planned In Maryport For Titanic Painting(5 Aprl 2013, Times & Star)

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