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Welcome To September

Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, Septembre
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

September is the ninth month on the Gregorian and Julian calendars. On the old Roman calendar, September was the seventh month since their calendar started in March. When the calendar was revised to add January and February, the name Septem (meaning seven) remained. In the Northern Hemisphere, September is when autumn begins but in the southern half it is the first month of spring.

September is traditionally the start of the academic year for most schools, though some do start in late August. The Eastern Orthodox Church starts its liturgical year in September. The Autumnal Equinox takes place between September 22-24 and marks astronomically the first day of autumn. The first full moon of September is often called a Harvest Moon since many farmers begin harvesting crops that are harvested in the fall.

Morning glory flower (Ipomoea nil)
Photo: Public Domain

While daytime temperatures can remain warm during September, generally the nights start getting cooler and the sun starts setting much earlier. And generally, the sun starts come up later in the morning resulting in people going to work when it is still dark. The birthstone for September is the sapphire (represents clear thinking) The September flowers are the forget-me-not, morning glory, and the aster.


Happy Sunday

Image:Petr Kratochvil(publicdomainpictures.net)

September has arrived and Labor Day tomorrow in the U.S. Summer is not officially over but is for all intents and purposes. Schools have already started around where I live, bus schedules now reflect school stops. Already some trees are starting to drop leaves. Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy are showing up in stores. I guess it is never too early to buy candy for Halloween. For retailers the last of the summer retail sales are underway. They need to clear space for autumn, Halloween, and Christmas.

The days are starting to get shorter now. Each day has the sun coming up just a bit later and setting earlier. In some places the weather starts changing as well. Still warm and pleasant days in many cases but nights start getting cooler. Suddenly those sweaters and jackets neatly stowed away are now being brought out of storage and made ready. Alas the summer wear not goes into storage.

Out here we tend to get more warmer weather due to winds shifting from the hotter inland regions in Arizona and the California Central Valley. September and October are considered good months to visit San Francisco since there is less fog. But you can be caught short when the fog makes a surprise visit in the afternoon. Many a tourist is caught shivering in their shorts.

For baseball fans, it is a time when the playoffs firm up. American football is now gearing up so fans are getting ready for an exciting season there. Of course if you are waiting for your favorite show to come back from summer hiatus, the wait is not long. Happy Sunday everyone and welcome (almost) to autumn.

September Flower

The Forget-me-not flower is one of three associated with September. The other two are aster and morning glory. There are over 200 species in the Boraginaceae family. It blooms in spring and are very popular in gardens and its species are diffused all over the world. They prefer moist habitats and take partial sun and the shade. The flower represents true love and faithfulness. It also has been used to memorialize the passing of a loved one. It is often used as a symbol for many charity benefits to fight diseases.

Photo: Wilder Kaiser
Photo: Wilder Kaiser

Happy Labor Day

Today, 1 September, is Labor Day in the United States. It is a day specifically set aside to recognize the achievements of workers, to recognize their importance in the economy, and to thank them for the well being of this country. A similar day is celebrated in Canada on the same day. Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894 and occurs on the first Monday in September. As it is a federal holiday, the federal government is on holiday and there is no postal delivery. Banks are closed as well as the stock market. Every state and territory follows suit as well.

Usually schools reopen around this date. When I was a kid, they generally started just before Labor Day but back then there was a second holiday in California on 9 September-California Admission Day. So we got two holidays back then in September! However there is no legal requirement anymore to observe it. No state agency closes for the date but local governments may choose to do so. Some school districts observe it but not always on the standard date. Los Angeles school district celebrates it on the last Friday in August. None of the public schools where I live observe the holiday.

Aside from being considered the end of summer, a day for retail sales and ball games, it was also the last day you could wear seersucker or white suits. After Labor Day, wearing such clothing was considered a fashion faux pas in certain circles. You might get away with tan but it would depend on the formality of the occasion your attending.

Have a pleasant day everyone.

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