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Wednesday Titanic Newswrap

1. Titanic II Update According to Arabianbusiness.com, United Arab Emirates (UAE) firms are in talks with Clive Palmer to license use of Titanic II in UAE.. And they are also hoping to convince Palmer to bring Titanic II to Dubai after construction is complete. So far the talks are in the early stages and no firm decisions have been made yet.

Source: UAE Firms In Talks To Bring Titanic II Replica Ship To Dubai (24 July 2013,Arabianbusiness.com)

 Grand Staircase RMS Olympic2. Are the days of Edwardian ship classes returning? Well not quite but many cruise ships are creating new spaces for people with lots of disposable income. They will have their own areas to dine, entertainment, and exercise areas. In short, they will avoid the common areas and be in areas off limits to other passengers. Is this trend permanent? Well there have always been exclusive country club like cruise ships or yachts around for a while. Now some of the big guys want some of that action because those people will spend lots of money for the deluxe or supreme class that will be offered to them. In short, they are responding to market demand. Still it is understandable why people are just a bit nervous. And no doubt some cruise lines would like to do what airlines have done by making people flying coach wishing they had wings to fly in often cramped and uncomfortable seats.

Source: Are Classes Of Travel On Board Coming Back Into Cruising?(24 Jul 2013, etravelblackboard.com)