Hartley Violin Update

BBC News is reporting that the Hartley violin–now on display in the United States–Wallace Hartley's Violinunderwent a CT scan at BMI Ridgeway Hospital in Wiltshire. A 3D image was made to examine the violin from the inside. Astrid Little, the hospital’s imaging manager said: “The scan revealed that the original wood was cracked and showed signs of possible restoration.” The auction house of Henry Aldridge & Son believes this and other things proves it was Wallace Hartley’s violin.

He counters Titanic author Daniel Butler, who claims the violin glue would have come apart due to exposure to salt water, by saying the glue used was animal glue. Such glue melts when heated but not when cold, says Aldridge.

Source: Titanic Violin Real, Hospital CT Scan Suggests(23 May 2013, BBC News)