Exact Scale Titanic Replica Goes On Display In St. Claire, Michigan

This 18-foot-model of RMS Titanic will be on display this summer in St. Clair. (Photo:The Times Herald)
This 18-foot-model of RMS Titanic will be on display this summer in St. Clair. (Photo:The Times Herald)

The world’s only full scale Titanic replica is going on display at Moore Boathouse in St. Clair. This replica, which weighs 1,500 pounds and 10,000 pounds in its case, was on display last year at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C. For its builder, Gart Kohs, it is a work of love and exactitude. He worked on the model from 1999-2004 out of his own pocket and even traveled to Harland & Wolff in Belfast, N.I. to review the original drawings.

Just like the largest ocean liner of its time, the 18-foot long model has 3.3 million rivets and 8 miles of lighting that even makes the dials of the telegraph glow. The lifeboats were built plank by plank of the same kind of wood — Swiss pear — so the grain pattern matches. Each lifeboat took 1 ½ months to make. Inside, tables and chairs were fashioned after the originals as was the grand staircase and Tiffany fixtures. “Anything you could look inside and see is there,” Kohs said. “It is a replica in every sense of detail. There isn’t a finer ship model in the world. We know that.”

Koh will not allow it to be displayed in any exhibit that has artifacts retrieved from the wreck. “Our rule is we’ll never profit from the tragedy and we’ll never display the model with plunder,” he said. “We’ve turned down some big museums.”

The St. Clair exhibit is to benefit an agency that awards grants for elementary school programs, scholarships, and public park improvements.

For exhibit information, time and dates, and admission fees, go to stclairfoundation.org.

Source: Titanic Replica Stored In Royal Oak Shipping Out For Show(5 June 2013, Royal Oak Daily Tribune)

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