China Goes All In On Titanic-Will Build An Exact Replica

Photo courtesy George Behe

How do you one up Austrailian millionaire Clive Palmer who is building Titanic II? Youbuild an exact replica. At least that is what World Bulletin is reporting. Here is the pertinent information from the news report:

The project, which is sponsored by the Seven-Star Energy Group (SSEG), will be part of the “Romantic Mediterranean Seven-star International Tourism and Resorts Zones” plan, set to be introduced at the 14th Western China International Fair on October 23. Su Shaojun, chairman of SSEG, revealed that just the blueprint alone cost the company millions of dollars. After the ship sank in 1912, much of the original blueprints were lost, but after years of efforts, the majority of the blueprint has been restored. However Su also said, “We recreate the ship not for travel; instead, it will be a chance for people from all around the world to experience life on the Titanic.”

So it appears this will not be a cruise ship but an exact replica for people to visit. Perhaps it will do ceremonial trips but possibly docked as a floating historical museum. It might be worth seeing if it ever gets built. The cost will be astronomical but they probably hope Titanic tourists will flock to see it. Since they have invited James Cameron and his film crew, perhaps they will show his movie in the First Class lounge.

Source: China To Build Replica Of Titanic (25 Oct 2013, World Bulletin)