Bob Ballard Thanks Crew For Restoring His Power

World famous ocean explorer and co-discoverer of Titanic was recently without power at his Connecticut home thanks to a nor’easter. When a crew from Greenville Utilities arrived in his neighborhood, Ballard came out and introduced himself. He also mentioned he discovered Titanic.

“He came out and said, ‘I’m Bob Ballard and I discovered the Titanic,'” said Jeff Byrd, electric distribution engineer for Greenville Utilities. “He said several crews had already looked at his outage and left during the week.”

Apparently Connecticut Light and Power had come out to look the area over and decided they lacked the proper equipment. When they had completed work and restored power to the area, they all got free National Geographic DVD’s of his latest project.

Team members said the world-famous explorer was gracious, and appreciative that the North Carolina crew got the job done.

Once again Titanic finds its way into the news without having to be a cliche.

Source:, Greenville Crew Helps World-Famous Titanic Explorer, 10 Nov 2012