6 Foot Titanic Model For Sale On eBay

David Weeden had a passion for history according to his wife, and had a special place in his heart for Titanic. He and his wife owned a Mini Mall in Vienna, New York where vendors sold collectibles and antiques. He liked to add things for people to see when they entered and struck gold in 2004. He purchased a six foot AC Erector Set Model of Titanic. And he proudly displayed it at the entrance to the Mini Mall for six years. It was put together in the 1930’s and has figurines on it showing them walking, strolling, exercising, or possibly doing some ship work.

His wife said that he loved to display it and gave kids books about Titanic. He had plans for the model since it lights up at the bottom. “He wanted to put little scenes in there, different compartments, different stories behind it. But, of course, he took sick and wasn’t able to complete his plans that he had for it,” said Doreen Weeden. David Weeden passed away in August at age 71 of cancer. Despite his attachment to it, the family is auctioning it off on eBay. At last check, the current bid is $265 and bidding continues till 7 Dec. You can see the bidding page here.

It really is a neat looking model and is 72 inches long, 10 inches wide, 25 inches tall and weighs 50 pounds. Perhaps a Titanic collector or one of the Titanic themed museums out there might want to consider this an addition to their display.

Source: Selling A Man’s Treasure(2 Dec 2013,YNN)