Spooky Titanic: Are Titanic’s Ghostly Voices Ready To Be Heard?

mp3-playerAs an occasional listener of the old Art Bell Coast-to-Coast (now done by George Noory), I learned of something called EVP. Ghost hunters go to cemeteries, homes, and anywhere where ghosts may be lurking about. They then tape dead air–literally. Later they play it back to determine if they can pick up ghosts talking on lower frequencies. Sometimes they do pick up an occasional word, perhaps a phrase but rarely anything more. Mostly you get a lot of nothing.

But what about sunken ships? Well according to a recent article in the Orlando Sentinel ghost hunter William Brower believes that voices of Titanic’s doomed passengers are just waiting to be heard. In the spring 20 paranormal investigators plan to mount an expedition to where Titanic sank. They hope to pick up the wails, moans, and cries of the doomed from using special microphones.

The Titanic Endeavor Tour, headed by Matthew “Sandman” Kelley, a paranormal researcher from Markleysburg, Pa., will charter a boat to the shipwreck 960 miles east of New York and try to invoke the spirits of those who died there. Expedition members will dine from the Titanic’s menu, observe a memorial service and strain to detect, through psychic sensitivity or special equipment, traces of souls who haunt the site.

One problem with EVP is suggestion. Many want, if not believe, they will hear spectral voices. This can make you think that you hear words when there is nothing there. Or there really is something being heard but has a more mundane explanation: radio chatter that ends up going down into the lower bands. You just get bits and pieces but not the whole thing.

Another problem is why ghosts would communicate this way. It is hit or miss for the ghost. After all they have to hope someone comes by with recording equipment. And even then they do not communicate directly; it has to be played back and analyzed for speech. Even then it is hard to discern coherent patterns due to background noise. Perhaps the ghosts are pulling one hell of a prank on sincere ghost believers. After all you have to buy or get the equipment to do this, go out to a place where you think ghosts may be, and then hope they have something to say. All that for the occasional word or seeming sentence like “Get Out!.”

Orlando Sentinel, Coral Springs Man To Join Titanic Ghost-Hunting Trip, 30 Oct 2010