Titanic Tow

A few weeks ago the Endeavor space shuttle made its epic journey to Los Angeles. Right now it is being prepared for its voyage from the airport to its final destination at California Space Center. To get there requires quite a lot. The shuttle is not built for going down city streets and many trees (and other things) have to be removed to allow the shuttle to pass through safely. Do not fret, new trees are going to be planted to replace the ones being torn down.

For most of its journey, the transport is being driven by four self-propelled,multi-axle vehicles. These modular movers are being computer controlled. The operator with a joystick will walk alongside to make adjustments as needed. The final leg near the Space Center will be done using a 2012 Tundra CrewMax, which has a 5.7-litre V8 engine allowing for a tow capacity of 4.5 tonnes.

When this is actually done, it will be major news covered by national and local media. When the Endeavor made its flyby here in San Francisco, people lined up on the waterfront and anywhere the could be to get a view as it passed over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was neat to watch.

What does this have to do with Titanic? Nothing really. I just thought it was cool.

Source: Berwick Leader, TOYOTA: Titanic effort, 8 Oct 2012

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