Titanic News For Superbowl Sunday

Sorry folks for being away for a while. Simply put, got busy and there was not much news to report on. February has finally arrived and it is Superbowl Sunday here in the U.S. For those outside of the U.S., it is a national day of watching two teams battling it out for supremacy. Like our Thanksgiving day, people gather together to eat lots of high caloric foods but not as formal as that day. In fact, according to recent news reports, many food companies see this as one of their biggest days of the year. Pizza ranks pretty high on the list, so those ovens get fired up early in the morning and the prep work is pretty frantic to get those pizzas out the door. If you have not ordered your pizza by now, it will be a long wait for it to arrive in time for the game.

Moving on, here are some Titanic stories you might find interesting:

1. Titanic Show Sails Into Macau (31 Jan 2013, SinoShip News
Professor Palmer said while Titanic was not scheduled to visit China or Asia, Titanic II’s ties with China will be significant. “I have commissioned CSC Jinling Shipyard to build and coordinate the construction of Titanic II in China,” he said. “This signifies the future relationship between Titanic II and China, as Titanic II offers a tremendous opportunity for CSCJinling to showcase their abilities and grow their business, as well as establish China in the luxury cruise ship market.” Palmer said Titanic will be remembered when guests meet to enjoy the same lavish eleven course menu as first class passengers did on April 14, 1912.

2. Treasure Hunter Continues Quest To Recover Gold Buried With Titanic’s Sister Ship(30 Jan 2013, IrishCentral)
According to the Boston Herald, Bayerle sought and was eventually awarded the exclusive salvage rights to the wreck in 2005 by now retired U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Gertner. But the twist in the tale came when another judge scuttled his lawsuit last week against a maritime historian he believes holds blueprints to the ship and the keys to the success of his mission. (Related story at Boston Herald)

3. Titanic Memorial(30 Jan 2013, C-SPAN)
This video is about the Titanic Memorial in Washington D.C. Has some interesting background information about the person who designed it.

4. Titanic’ Exhibit Sails Into The Grand Rapids Public Museum(30 Jan 2013, MLive.com)
 “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” opens February 9 and runs through July 7. Tickets can be purchased at startickets.com or at 800/585-3737. Tickets are timed and limited. Tickets for nonmembers are $17/adults, $16/seniors, $12/children 3—18; and free/children 2 and under. For members, tickets are $12/adults, $11/seniors, $10/children 3—18, and free/children 2 and under. Tickets include admission to the rest of the Museum.

5. Museum To Host Titanic Exhibition(20 Jan 2013, The Northern Echo)
Darlington Railway Museum will hold an exhibition and performance from the History Wardrobe on the famous ship, which sank on April 15, 1912 after striking an iceberg. There will be displays of costumes, documents and survivor testimonies, with a show telling the story of dress designer Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon, who escaped from the ship when it began sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean. (Show date: 17 Feb at 2:00p.m.)

6. Titanic Museum Debuts New Children’s Gallery(25 Jan 2013, Branson Tri-Lakes news)
More than 2,200 people were on board the RMS Titanic when it set sail on its doomed maiden voyage more than 100 years ago, and the Titanic museum attraction in Branson is making sure people don’t forget their stories. This year, the museum added a new gallery dedicated to the children who were on board. Mary Kellogg-Joslyn, executive vice president of operations for the museum’s parent company, Cedar Bay Entertainment, said the new exhibit is just one way the museum is changing to appeal to new, and sometimes younger, visitors. This year the museum also is adding an additional audio tour aimed at children. The tour, Kellogg-Joslyn said, “makes the artifacts come to life and gives them a voice.”

7. Largest Paper Model Of The Titanic: Ronald Luntz Breaks Guinness World Record(20 Jan 2013, World Record Academy )
Ronald Luntz, 70, spent more than eight hours a day in his Apple Valley home for the past three months and built a 7-foot model of the Titanic which is a foot wide and 3 feet high and sets the new world record for the Largest paper model, according to the World Record Academy: www.worldrecordacademy.com/. The Guinness world record for the argest model railway engine was set by the Thomas the Tank Engine character ‘James’, which is 264.3 cm high, 149.6 cm wide, 652 cm long (104.05 x 58.59 x 256.69 in) and weighs nearly 1.5 tons (236.2 st).  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest model of DNA; it measured 28 m (91 ft 10 in) and was created by Nu Skin Greater China in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. “People don’t understand how sturdy cardboard is,” he said. “If you give me enough cardboard and glue, I can make you a bridge you can drive across. That’s a fact.”

Some odds and ends

1. James Cameron’s Titanic was a major hit but according to The Inquisitr the Taliban did not like Afghan boys getting haircuts similar to Leonardo DiCaprio’s in the movie. They arrested at least 30 barbers and many Afghan teenage boys who got the cut. Many were beaten and forced to shave their heads. Many tried to hide their haricuts by wearing hats. Underground barbers emerged to give the banned haircuts after hours and outside of public view. Another reason to oppose such regimes in the strongest possible terms.
Source: The Inquisitr, Taliban Hated The Movie Titanic And Banned Leonardo DiCaprio’s Haircut, 29 Jan 2013

2. A “Titanic” cigar measuring 19 feet long and 3 feet wide was recently sold for $18,500. It titanicigarweighs 1,600 pounds making it nearly 25,000 normal sized cigars into one. You have to wonder how this came about. Was it after a few beers where someone mentioned about the largest cigar ever made? Or a wager to see if you could actually make one and sell it. Since it can never be used (except by a giant), it can only be used as a display. Perhaps in the entry way of a building. Or if you really want to poke some fun at the anti-smoking crowd, have it placed outside one of their main offices. Should really get them up in arms. Nanny Bloomberg is probably already outraged and calling on federal agents to seize the offending Titanic cigar (possibly for violating some obscure law).
Source: 8countnews.com,  Titanic Cigar Sells For $185000, 2 Feb 2013