Titanic Musings-Bad Tidings on Titanic Cruise and Titanic II Spoof

•It is not surprising that once all the festivities calmed down we start hearing some tales of woe.  Take the case of Sheila Richardson aboard the Balamoral. According to Times & Star the trip she had planned had some problems. First was a fuel surcharge the cruise line imposed (£326/$515) which caused some grumbling. Then Balmoral arrived late to Ireland causing cancellation of onshore trips. Richardson does say that Ireland was still a highlight and the reception in Cobh was amazing.

Then after leaving Ireland they had to turn back due to an airlift needed for a sick BBC cameraman. They did make it to the wreck site on time and prepared for the celebration. That too had a problem. It seems now that UNESCO has declared this a historic site you cannot simply just throw anything overboard. They have to meet certain requirements (like being biodegradable). That meant a lot of wreaths people brought with them could not be tossed over. To compensate the ship set up a display of those wreaths and mementoes. The ship did have three biodegradable wreaths that were used.

One interesting fact she relates is that so many people got off in New York that they were offering very cheap fares to fill up the empty spaces.

Mrs Richardson said: “It was a very disappointing trip and there were angry passengers.”

As I recall heavy seas played a part in delaying Balmoral to Ireland, something a cruise line cannot control. The late arrival meant a lot of onshore trips in Ireland could not be done due to time constraints. Hopefully those who prepaid for that part of their travel will get compensation from travel insurance. As for the wreath part, I am not terribly surprised. This is typical when you put bureaucrats in charge. And it is quite a stretch to believe that unless weighted that any wreath would sink two miles down and damage a wreck that is decomposing and will be gone in a couple of decades (or less).

•Titanic II is ripe for humor and the fellows over at thespoof.com have taken there shot at hit. You can read the full article here but the important parts are here:

On the ship’s bridge Captain Edward Smith III ordered the helmsman to press the red button on the computer controlled steering panel. Two gigantic laser cannons deployed and continuously fired from the ship’s bow, turning the iceberg into ice cubes. The ships stewards used the ice cubes to chill bottles of fine old French champagne to toast the occasion.

Now that is how to make ice cubes!