Titanic Cliche of Day: Red Sox Sinking Like Titanic!

I do not follow Boston Red Sox (for those outside the U.S. they are a baseball team) but they had a bad 2011 season. So far they have fared badly in home games. Citing bad management moves to get better talent and in-house problems, Scott Cordischi  sees the Sox in very dire straits. So dire enough to write this:

It’s ironic that a lot has been made about this being the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. It also happens to be the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. In fact, it was the sinking of the Titanic which kept the opening of a brand new Fenway Park off of the front pages of the Boston newspapers in 1912 as both events occurred on the same day. Now, 100 years later, the Red Sox organization appears to have hit an iceberg and is taking on water fast. Abandon ship!

I will leave it to Red Sox fans to decide how accurate this use of a Titanic cliché is.

Source: GoLocal Worcester, Red Sox Report: Sinking Like The Titanic!, 6 May 2012