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Sunday With Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison was a great singer-songwriter that many other performers respected. He had distinctive powerful voice and his music had complexity to it. His trademark sunglasses and dark clothes added an air of mystery. He was very popular in the 1960’s but slowed down in the 1970’s. His career began to revive in the late 1980’s as some of his music was used movies (Blue Velvet for one). In 1987 he collaborated with Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra on the album Mystery Girl. The song “You Got It” written by Lynne and Tom Petty would rise to the top of the charts in both England and the US. Sadly Orbison would pass away before that occurred. The album came out in November 1988. His last concert was on 4 Dec 1988 at The Front Row Theater in Highland Heights, Ohio. He was exhausted and people noticed he did not look well. On 6 Dec 1988 after playing with his sons, he had a heart attack and died. He was 52. He left behind a library of songs that are still popular to this day. “You Got It” is still quite popular and, perhaps next to the Bangles “Eternal Flame” is a song sometimes heard in movies or television shows when people are talking about love, or in love, or about to get married.

Here is a performance of “You Got It” at the Diamond Awards in Antwerp, Belgium on 18 Nov 1988. Have a nice Sunday everyone.