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Monday Titanic Newswrap

(Photo Courtesy George Behe)
(Photo Courtesy George Behe)

Well not much to recap in the last full month of summer. There are the usual news about current exhibitions (nothing new to report there) the occasional cliché being used, that somebody once again arguing the Titanic/Olympic switch theory. The only thing really going on is whatever news about Titanic II is revealed. So far the ship has yet to begin construction but it appears Palmer is assembling all the needed pieces to make it come about.

Which leads us to the one and perhaps only relevant Titanic II news for today. Tillberg Design, the Swedish firm hired to design the interior, has announced some of the major differences from the original ship. “The beds will be bigger because people today are bigger than they were 100 years ago,” says Fredrik Johansson of Tillberg Design. Not exactly clear on what that really means. Are they longer or wider? I am leaning more towards long rather than wide. Another design change is more availability of bathrooms.

On the Titanic, 20 people shared a bathroom and the plan is to make the new ship as similar as possible to the original. But we’re preparing the cabins for toilets and showers by drawing in extra large wardrobes for all the piping,” he said.

A wise move on their part. Having people queue up as they did on Titanic for bathroom use would probably result in a mutiny. 🙂

Source:Swedish Firm Updating Interior Of Titanic II(5 Aug 2013,UPI)