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SamTrans Reminder:Route Changes Begin 11 Aug

busOkay for those of you living in San Mateo County, major changes are being implemented by SamTrans starting 11 Aug 2013.

1. Routes 390/391 are discontinued and replaced by the ECR. The ECR will run between Palo Alto and Daly City BART. Service to San Francisco, South San Francisco and San Bruno BART stations are discontinued. The ECR will now run approximately every 15 minutes weekdays and 20 minutes weekends.

2. Many school trips are being moved to new routes, but not all. Route 140 is dropping the Terra Nova High runs, which are being moved to route 49.

1. Timetable List of New School Day Bus Routes(SamTrans)

2. Route ECR New Weekday/Weekend Schedule(SamTrans)

Remember if you are going to Tanforan and used to get there via the 391 into San Bruno BART, you will have to get off on El Camino & Sneath stop and walk over. You could get off at El Camino & San Bruno Ave and catch the 140 to BART, but you might have a long wait as the bus runs hourly between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. weekdays. It runs hourly on weekends all day. You can also take BART to San Bruno and exit on the west side which is right in back of Tanforan.

SamTrans Route 140 Update-Parkside Intermediate School Trips Remain

busIn a previous post I reported on the upcoming changes to SamTrans Route 140. The proposed changes are dropping two school bus runs and moving them over to a new route, the 49. I assumed when I first read this that this meant trips to Parkside Intermediate in San Bruno would be shunted over to this new route.

However SamTrans has now posted the schedule changes coming at their website. From reviewing the new SamTrans 140 schedule, it appears they are moving the bus trips to Terra Nova in Pacifica to new route 49. The current school trips to Parkside Intermediate are not being dropped. They will continue making the morning and afternoon runs as they currently do when school is in session.