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Memorable Theme Music:Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues (1981-1987)was once part of the legendary “must see”television on NBC. The show depicted the lives of those who worked out of the Hill Street Police Station in an unnamed American metropolitan city (though references to Chicago sometimes appeared or were mentioned). It was more gritty than other police shows up to that time in showing severe character flaws and internal politics. And also the revolving door the criminal justice system had become. This was not Adam-12 or Dragnet. The show was awarded eight Emmy Awards in its first season and was nominated 98 times for an Emmy during its run.

Mike Post, known already for composing for The Rockford Files and other shows, composed the instrumental theme for HIll Street Blues. The instrumental earned him a Grammy award. And the composition became popular enough to take tenth place on instrumental compositions in 1981 (I remember hearing on the radio, which tells you how popular it was). The theme is unlike most cop or law enforcement shows which tend to be about action and power. Instead Post choose a more low key tune using a piano and guitar for the main instruments (a synthesizer is also used). Enjoy and have a nice Sunday everyone.