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Friday Rewind:Going Down To Liverpool (The Bangles)

Going Down To Liverpool was originally written by Kimberley Rew for his group Katrina and The Waves. The song was part of the album Shock Horror!(1982)that was only issued in Canada. The Bangles covered the song in their 1984 debut album All Over The Place. The song while a minor hit in England found little traction in the U.S. Their second album Different Light in 1986 was more popular and Going Down to Liverpool was re-released as a single. It did much better though still a minor hit. But it was the video directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs–the mother of Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs–that would give the song greater visibility because it had in it a well known actor. That actor, known by fans of Star Trek as Mr. Spock, was a friend of the Hoff’s family. His appearance made this video a popular one when it ran.