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First The Titanic Simulator,Now You Can Experience Cremation Too!

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There are many ways to amuse but one of the weirdest, perhaps most morbid is a Chinese amusement park offering you the experience of cremation. Remember that this is the same country that wants people to experience Titanic sinking by used a simulation that will make you feel like you are in 1912 and aboard the tragic ship. So it seems logical to extend it out further or as the old television show said “One Step Beyond.”

Now you have to ask why anyone would want to go through a simulated cremation? Cremation, as it is normally done, puts a corpse in a super hot oven to reduce the body to ashes. Of course horror movies are full of the trope of having people being tossed into a crematory alive. Unless they are supernatural beings, or from Krypton, they do not survive. The cultural theme park in Shenzhen is the one putting on this morbid thrill ride. According to the Daily Mail, the visitors are put into a coffin (they are called punters) on  a conveyor belt.

They are then carried through a chamber filled with hot air, to simulate the flames used during cremation. Screams and shrieks echo through the chamber, and everyone who tries the ride comes out drenched in sweat. Although whether the sweat is from fear or from the extreme heat has not been made clear. ‘I am never coming back,’ said a number of women on leaving the ride, while laughing nervously. Another added: ‘It was horrifying.’

Others were not so negative but then you have to wonder whether they are shills for the amusement park. I could see kids doing this on a dare, those who have seen horror movies wanting to try it for gag etc. In fact this probably would be popular around Halloween. Now to be clear this is not for real. They use hot air machines set at  140 degrees Fahrenheit along with lights and scary sounds to give the effect (and you are on a moving conveyor belt.) Still it is a pretty morbid idea. If you really want to know about cremation, check out YouTube. Lots of uploaded documentaries that will show (and sometimes in graphic scenes)exactly how cremation occurs.

Source: Tourists Flock To Experience Real-Life CREMATION In ‘Death Simulator’ At Chinese Amusement Park(8 May 2015, Daily Mail)