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Black Friday Musings & Tips

Black Friday Shopping Photo: Public Domain
Black Friday Shopping
Photo: Public Domain

Local media had the usual. People started camping out the day before Thanksgiving at some stores so they could be the first in and snatch up those bargains. Nearly everything you can buy at the store can be purchased online, often with the same savings and sometimes even deeper discounts. Shop wisely. Shop smart. Never put your valuables or anything in plain view in your car (or even in a glove compartment like a garage door opener). Take your auto registration with you (if someone breaks into your car, they get where you live and if you have left the garage door opener, an easy way in). If putting stuff in trunk and returning to shop remember thieves watch for this so move your car to another location to foil them. And this ought to be obvious but needs saying:do not put your wallet in back pocket! Put in front pocket.