Sunday Titanic news:Child’s titanic letter and a gingerbread house you can dine in

Michel, right with his brother, Edmund, taken after sinking to aid in their identification
Public Domain

Child’s Letter Sheds Light On Titanic Sinking – ‘I Didn’t Know I’d Never See Dad Again’ (Daily Star, 6 Dec 2019)

Many extraordinary human stories have emerged from that fateful night, but few are more poignant than a letter written by four-year-old Michel Navratil. Michel was one of two brothers dubbed the “Titanic Orphans” by the press, because he and his two-year-old brother Edmond were the only children rescued without a parent or carer. Michel’s granddaughter Elisabeth has been tracked down by the researchers of a new documentary about the Titanic and she read out for them Michel’s touching account of the iconic liner’s final hours.

Life-size gingerbread house enchants dinner guests at Titanic Hotel Belfast (December 2019)

If you’ve ever wondered what it might have been like for Hansel and Gretel to step into the gingerbread house in the Grimm fairy tale, now’s your chance to find out. Magdalena Abakumiec has made—by hand!—an impressive life-size gingerbread house right in Titanic Hotel Belfast, and you can actually dine inside it this winter.