Masterchef: Restaurant Takeover And Croquembouche

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

Six contestants remain. They broke into two teams to cook food in a high end restaurant. And it was not easy at all. The team that seemed poised to win lost while the team most likely to fail won. And the pressure test, making a croquembouche, sent home another favorite.

They were at Sunset Marquis, known as the place many rock bands and singers have hung out at, in West Hollywood. They took over Cavatina for the night where Michael Schlow was waiting to instruct them on the dishes they will cook tonight. Team Blue (Jaimee) had Christian and Courtney. Team Red (Leslie) had The Cutter Zone and Elizabeth. Smart money was on Team Blue to win because everyone knows Leslie and Cutter do not get along. And it would send their ratings right to the floor. And Gordon Ramsay is expediting, so you know it will not go well if the dishes are in bad shape.

Jaimee, however, may be a good cook but not a chef (meaning running a brigade). We saw once before how she failed to lead her team and let other team members run things. This time it is down to two other people. And she had a hard time leading. Dishes were going out slow and she knew it was not going well. So she voluntarily gave up her title to Courtney. Except Courtney had real problems with the gnocchi dish. The gnocchi dish was different in that it was a pot a choux which required more finesse to make sure it did not fall apart on the plate. Her dishes looked bad and she admitted it when Gordon pointed out the problem. So she handed the reigns over to Christian and things improved. Dishes went out and fewer problems occurred.

Leslie is determined to be a good leader this time. His last time up as a team leader was abysmal and resulted in a mutiny. This time he means business! And he is demanding they toe the line. Elizabeth is not a problem and does just fine but Leslie and The Cutter Zone get into it early. And loudly. This forces an intervention by Gordon who makes them shake hands and make up. Things are going well after that until they get to the entrees. Once again tension erupts between the two and it looks bad. Gordon has to intervene again and remind them about the customers. And their loud voices. Peace is restored and food goes out.

Joe is not with the judges tonight due to some issue with his restaurant. So Graham is doing front of the house. Both teams get good and bad reviews. So when it is all over, Gordon announces they will determine the winner tomorrow in the Masterchef kitchen. I wondered if it is was so close that it was a tie and that they would have to do some extra cooking to win it all. But I was wrong. I suspect both teams were close but not a tie. One diner said they thought Christians steak lacked flavor. At any rate, the winner is Team Red. Leslie is happy to not face the dreaded pressure test. Elizabeth realizes she does not want to work in a professional kitchen. And Cutter is happy it all worked out in the end.

Croquembouch wedding cake Photo:Eric Baker(Wikipedia)
Croquembouche wedding cake
Photo:Eric Baker(Wikipedia)

The Croquembouche of doom
Christian, Courtney and Jaimee have to make this elegant French wedding dessert. It looks fantastic! It is a cone of choux pastry balls (profiteroles) piled in a cone with caramel threads. Now these three have to make it. Leslie is glad he gets to sit out this pressure test. Jaimee and Courtney get to work right away but Christian is not so thrilled with the task. So his lacks passion and other things that put him into the bottom. Courtney, who has never made one, goes all in and thinks of family. It came out very well and both Gordon and Graham are quite happy with it. Jaimee though, has used too much sugar. So while her cone is the best of the bunch, the sugar has become like glue holding the pastry balls in place. She cannot free one for Gordon. A very sad outcome that sent her home at the end. Christian got by but just barely. The good news is that they think highly of her and let her know she has doors open to her in New York. I hope she takes Gordon up on his offer. She is a good cook and with mentoring will become great at whatever she does.

Now we are down to the final five: Christian, Courtney, Elizabeth, Leslie, and The Cutter Zone. My rankings are:
1. Elizabeth
2. Courtney & Christian (tie)
3. Leslie
4. The Cutter Zone