Masterchef Junior Has New Kids In The House …And Yes They Are Kids

Masterchef Junior is a show that defies the odds. When it was first conceived, I had my doubts you could have a show with kids cooking. Other children based reality shows have not fared well but Masterchef Junior has managed to pull it off. Now in its second season, we ask the same question as to whether these kids are really kids. They exhibit energy, passion, and talent for cooking. Their parents and family no doubt are where it begins so these kids are not without some experience in cooking. This year they dropped the preliminary selection process and started with the top 16. They vary in range from 8-13.

Like last year the judges tend to be less harsh in what they say but clearly say whether it is good or bad. It was very disappointing for one young girl to bring up a chicken parmesan only to learn from Gordon it had not been properly cooked. Another was way too spicy causing problems for Gordon. But those that do very well get richly praised. One reason for the judges to be less harsh (aside from the obvious of being a kids show)is that all three are parents themselves. So they understand kids and what they can do.

It amazes me how creative these kids are. You have to figure they have been doing cooking for a while to be able to pull off what they do. If what we saw in the premier is any indication, we are in for a treat. Except for the judges who appear to have some liquid dumped on their heads in the next episode of Masterchef Junior.