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Harland & Wolff Faces More Problems and Volo Titanic Exhibit Reopens

Harland & Wolff David and Goliath crane in Belfast, 2006
Plastic Jesus (Dave) via Wikimedia Commons

Beleaguered Harland & Wolff asked that its shares listed in London be halted due to problems with government auditors. Auditors have so far refused to sign off its accounts and the deadline they agreed upon expired on Monday. Harland states it will publish them next week after discussing with its bookkeepers how best to report revenues from contracts. The issue has called into question a Royal Navy contract and is still awaiting approval for a loan guarantee of £200 million. The company warns if it is not approved by Thursday, then its ability to execute contracts will be peril. Currently the company has partnered with Spanish state-owned ship building giant Navantia to work on the Royal Navy contract.


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The Volo Museum Titanic exhibit has reopened after being closed due to a flood. The exact cause of the flood has yet to be determined though it is likely that storms that hit the area around the time were responsible. However, since the museum is known for its alleged supernatural occurrences, naturally some speculate an otherworldly explanation. So far, no explanation has been offered and officials claim no broken pipes, roof leaks, or anything else that could have allowed so much water in. The flooding itself was captured on security footage and shows it spreading on the floor indicating it most certainly occurred. The question is how the flooding occurred. The water could have seeped up and out through as yet undiscovered holes in the floor or on the sides. Or it could be a case of simple fakery where someone created the flood in such a way as to make it look like no obvious explanation can be seen. Very skilled illusionists and those who work with special effects have all kinds of interesting ways to make things look real when they aren’t.


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Suggested Reading or Viewing

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Titanic Exhibit Closed Due To Flooding

Titanic Exhibit Closed
Screenshot of Volo Museum Website 27 June 2024
Mark Taylor, Titanic News Channel

The Volo Museum in Illinois, which has a Titanic exhibit, experienced a flood recently that shut down that exhibit. According to news reports, it happened last weekend and was captured on security footage. It was the first time the building has had a flood, but recent storms may have been the cause. The exhibit itself is quite popular displaying Titanic related items and displays a unique car: a 1912 Renault Type CB Coupé de Ville. Only two were made and one was aboard Titanic being brought to America by William Carter. James Cameron built a replica from the original plans to use in his movie.

At first, they thought simply cleaning up the wet floor was all that needed to be done. However, the moisture from the water was getting into all the brass on the cars in the room, so they need extra time to clean it up. The exhibit is scheduled to reopen this Saturday. As of yet, they have yet to locate exactly how the water entered the exhibit since none of the pipes burst. Since the museum has had alleged paranormal activity, some are speculating perhaps that was the cause. However, while the museum publicly has no explanation, a more ordinary explanation will likely be found (like small holes in the floor that allowed the water to come or similar).


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