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Titanic Hotel In….Turkey

Titanic Beach Lara, Antalya, Turkey  Photo: www.touristica.com.tr
Titanic Beach Lara, Antalya, Turkey
Photo: www.touristica.com.tr

Over in China they are building a full scale Titanic replica (no, not Clive Palmer’s Titanic II which appears to be shuttered)for a theme park. It will even have a Titanic sinking simulation with lights and other things for that special Titanic experience. Over in Turkey though they went a different route. The Titanic Beach Lara resort has taken the whole idea of a replica and raised the stakes. The hotel is designed to look like a ship and has the name Titanic emblazoned on it. There are actual lifeboats that hang from it but likely will never be used considering the resort is far away from the Mediterranean Sea. It is an all inclusive resort, which means all the basics are included in the price (sort of like Club Med). Of course there are lots of extras you can buy (which they hope you do). I have to admit after looking at the photos it is spectacular to behold. No Titanic sinking simulator here and none needed. Just be sure to bring good sunscreen. You are going to need it.