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Wednesday Titanic Tidbits

1. Molly Brown House Hosts Photography Exhibit on Women During WWI
Photographs of American women volunteers in France during WWI are on display at the Molly Brown House through 28 Sep 2014. Further information is at mollybrown.org.
Source: Molly Brown House Opens New Photography Show On Women During WWI(9 June 2014,Denver Post)

Titanic Bouncy Slide Photo:public domain
Titanic Bouncy Slide
Photo:public domain

2. Bouncy Titanic Criticism
Guy Cooper, in letter to editor, made note of the Titanic slide he saw on Saturday. He noted it reduced “a human tragedy to an amusement ride.” He wonders sarcastically if the Twin Towers are next.
Source: Opinion: ‘What’s next? A Twin Towers bouncy?’(17 June 2014, Martinez Gazzette)