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Friday Titanic News

This has been a quiet week for Titanic, so not a lot of news to report. Here are some interesting bits of news for you to consider.

1. You never know what lies waiting to be uncovered when cleaning out your home. Especially if you have not looked in those dust covered corners in closed up rooms, attics, or basements for a long time. A man found the portrait of Elsie Bowerman, a Titanic survivor, suffragette, and barrister. And it is now up for auction at Duke’s Auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset, UK in March with an estimated price of £1,000.
Source: Titanic Survivor’s Portrait Discovered (BBC News,22 Jan 2016)

Information about Elsie Bowerman:
1. Miss Elsie Edith Bowerman (Encyclopedia Titanica)
2. ‘Suffragette, Barrister and Survivor of the Titanic disaster’ born in Tunbridge Wells (somagazines.co.uk, 12 April 2012)

2. The Titanic Hotel at Stanley Dock in Liverpool has won the Luxury Travel Global Guide Award of Luxury Hotel of the Year. The editor of Luxury Travel Magazine is quoted as saying they “were blown away by Titanic Hotel Liverpool’s profile.”
Source: Titanic Hotel wins at Luxury Travel Awards (BDaily,22 Jan 2016)

Finally to close out this Friday, I offer something for my friends facing a very snowy weekend back east and all those also having very cold temperatures.


Titanic News for 16 Mar 2015

1. A new exhibition center is being planned for Belfast Titanic reports News Letter. Plans are to be submitted soon for a 6,000 square meter temporary building across from Titanic Studios. This facility will stage public exhibitions and trade shows. It is scheduled to open in 2015. A more permanent facility is being planned long term to host such events.
Source: Titanic Plans For Exhibition Centre(News Letter,16 Mar 2015)

2. The Titanic International Film Festival in Budapest is scheduled from 11-18 April 2015 according to the Budapest Business Journal. The program has not been announced as of yet but that is coming soon. Films will be shown on six screens at five different venues. Information can be found http://www.titanicfilmfest.hu/2015/en.
Source: Titanic Festival To Bring Exciting Films To Budapest(Budapest Business Journal, 16 Mar 2015)

3. The U.K. Mirror recently showed rare photos of Titanic’s gym. “The equipment, which was state of the art for the time, included an electric camel, an electric horse, cycling machines, a rowing machine, weights and punchbags.”Sadly physical instructor Thomas McCauley would perish when Titanic went down.
Source: Forgotten Pictures Of Titanic Ship’s Gym Show How People Worked Out In 1900s (mirror.co.uk,15 Mar 2015)

4.Elsie Bowerman of England survived Titanic and went on to do many things with her life. She served in woman’s hospital unit in Romania during World War I before having to retreat to St. Petersburg in March 1917. She saw the early days of the Russian revolution. After the war she studied law and became a barrister in 1924 and practiced until 1938. During World War II she was with the Woman’ s Voluntary Services and then with the Overseas Unit of the BBC. She helped work on the U.N. Commission for the Status of Women. She spent the remainder of her life at country house near Hailsham and passed away in October 1973 at age 83.
Source: Fascinating Life Story Of Titanic Survivor(Eastbourne Herald, 15 Mar 2015)

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