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Christmas Music: Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells originally came from the Ukraine likely based on a pre-Christian folk chant. It was introduced to Western audiences in the 1920’s and became a popular tune of the holiday. It usually is sung a capella (meaning no musical accompaniment) though there are many variations out there. The video, courtesy of Libera on YouTube, is from the dvd “Christmas In Ireland:Angels Sing.” You can shop for the dvd and cd at www.libera.org.uk/shop. Their music is also available through Amazon (cd and mp3). Please click on the appropriate Amazon image after the YouTube player. Enjoy.

Christmas Funny:Muppets Do Carol of the Bells

The Muppets take on a classic Christmas tune in their version of Carol of the Bells. Beaker and Swedish chef do the singing while Animal provides accompaniment. Beaker got out of Muppet Labs for this performance but like in the lab, something always goes awry.