Roy Snowden, Who Helped Spearhead Getting Nomadic To Belfast, Passes Away At Age 70

From The Irish News:

When Titanic Belfast took over responsibility this year for the famous ship’s ‘little sister’, the SS Nomadic, it was the happy culmination of a lifetime’s dream for Roy Snowden. As the first chairman of the Nomadic Preservation Society, he was a key figure in the campaign to save the last maritime link to the Titanic from the wreckers’ yard and have it restored to its original glory in its home port. Roy served as a board member and trustee of the Nomadic Charitable Trust and his infectious enthusiasm persuaded many firms to supply materials and services free of charge. David Young, of the Nomadic Preservation Trust, said he never sought recognition but has left a remarkable legacy. “He talked about nothing else. He was an articulate man who knew a great deal about world shipping, but the Nomadic was the love of his life. He will be a tremendous loss.”

Snowden passed away on 5 Dec 2015 and is survived by his wife Geraldine, sons Mark and Michael and five grandchildren.

Source: Titanic’s ‘Little Sister’ Became Love Of Roy Snowden’s Life (Irish News,19 Dec 2015)

Premier Exhibitions Obtains $5M Loan

PremierExhibitionslogoPremier Exhibitions has filed a required Form 8-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission detailing the loan agreement. The total loan sum is $5m and requires the company take out $1m before 10 Dec 2015. A second draw of $1m is available upon written notice before 18 Dec 2015. And a third draw of $1m can be obtained before 31 Dec 2015. An additional $2m is available but only at the discretion of the lenders. The unpaid amount accrues a 12% annual interest rate and can be prepaid at any time (but requires you pay 105% of principal amount). Yanzi Gao, agent for the lenders, signed the agreement. According to the papers filed with the agency, the names of the lenders are: Jihe Zhang, High Nature Holdings Limited, and Lange Feng. Repayment is required by 1 Aug 2017.

Premier Exhibitions, Form 8K, 9 Dec 2015
Premier Exhibitions, Exhibit A-Form 8K,9 Dec 2015

Christmas Music:The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas song poster Image: Xavier Romero-Frias(Wikimedia)

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a rare song in the pantheon of Christmas music. Most songs follow a certain pattern of a beginning, middle, and end but this song is cumulative meaning each verse builds on the previous one until the end is reached and then counts back down to the beginning to end the tune. It is unclear what the exact origins of the song are or what it was originally meant to mean. Some argue that it was a children’s memory game, which considering how the lyrics are laid out does make sense. It is also suggested French in origin.

The song was likely around for quite a while before it was printed in 1780 in a British children’s book called Mirth Without Mischief. It was presented as a memory game for children to play but had no music accompaniment. The song grew in popularity and became part of the English Christmas tradition for many kids. There are some variations that use ten rather than twelve but the most widely accepted version of the song uses twelve days. The twelve days are generally from Christmas to Epiphany (Twelfth Day) depending upon when you count it. Most count from Christmas Day but some the day after. Gifts varied in the different versions but the one most people are now familiar with was published in 1909 with composer Frederic Austin fitting the words to the melody heard today.

While most people consider the song and the gifts non-religious, there are some who argue the song was used to train children in Catholicism when it was banned in England (1588-1829). There is little evidence to support this claim and it is noted that none of the lyrics indicate anything different between Catholic and Protestant. Most Catholic religious dismiss the notion of it being a tool for Catholic catechism as well.

The song is also used as an economic barometer of sorts. Often it used, mostly for fun, to price the gifts to see how they cost in the past and now. Some are a bit tricky to calculate these days but can approximate though pricing ten lords a leaping is a head scratcher for most but the cost of 10 male ballet dancers will fit the bill.

There are many popular renditions out there but here is a recent one by country singer Sara Evans and her daughters. Enjoy!

Review: Perth Titanic Exhibition Recreates Doomed Titanic

The report on the Perth Exhibition, at least according to the writer for the Daily Mail, is glowing. The exhibition does a good job of recreating what the ship looked like often with authentic memorabilia that came either from family members or floating in the ocean (this exhibition, unlike Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition by Premier Exhibitions does not have items brought up from Titanic).

The exhibition features 375 artefacts , replicas of the ship’s rooms and the heartfelt stories of the passengers on board and what they felt the night the large ship sunk into the freezing cold water. Some of the artefacts displayed in glass cases were found floating in the water after the boat sank or were hidden in the pockets of people who survived the disaster. Many others were donated by families of passengers. They range from the fine china, silverware and chairs displayed in the dining rooms to a pocket watch and clothing.

The pictures in the article really show that this exhibition is worth visiting if you have the chance. While you may not want to fly all the way to Perth to see it, the exhibition is traveling so chances are it will end up somewhere where you can get to it.

Information about the exhibition in Perth can be found at Perth Convention Center website.

Source:From the ship’s grand staircase to the ‘heart of the ocean’ necklace and even the deadly iceberg: Exhibition recreates the doomed Titanic in every detail for a very personal experience of the tragedy (Daily Mail,13 Dec 2015)

Titanic Exhibition Opens in Perth, Australia

Titanic:The Exhibition (not to be confused with Titanic:The Artifact
Exhibition by Premier Exhibitions)will be at Perth Convention Center from 12 Dec 2015-9 Feb 2016. According to ABC news:

Created by Imagine Exhibitions chief executive Tom Zaller, the show mixes conventional displays of historic objects in glass cases with replicated sets of parts of the ship, which was famously billed as
unsinkable but which sank after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

Perth Convention Exhibition Centre (2004) Image:Nachoman-au (Wikipedia)

For information about hours of operation and ticket information, go to the Perth Convention Center website.

Source:Titanic exhibition recreating ill-fated ocean liner opens in Perth(ABC News,11 Dec 2015)