Thieves Get Trapped In Store But Police Fail To Respond In Time

A Boost Mobile wireless store in New Jersey was recently the scene right out of a screwball comedy. Two guys enter the store and one draws a gun on the manager. They proceed to begin robbing the place but the manager gets out and drops the security gate down on the door. This effectively seals them in. They get no help from people outside the store, who jeer and mock them while recording it. Meanwhile the manager is calling the police. At first they refused to dispatch cops to the store (a daytime robbery and they are not interested in responding with the thieves trapped inside?). Finally the manager points out that they have a gun so that finally gets the police dispatched. Meanwhile the two men, frantically trying to get out, find a tool box so that they can force open the security gate. Which they do and remarkably escape since the police arrived long after they left. It has major embarrassment all over the local police department for failing to respond in time. They are apparently retraining the 911 dispatch operators.

Source:Crowd laughs at, mocks thieves who lock themselves in cell phone store during robbery(Leo Affairs,19 Aug 2016)

Here is a shorter and edited version on YouTube of this.