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Spoof Alert: Iceland Issues Traffic Citation To Titanic!

Stop the presses! Cable news channels issue those news alerts! Iceland has finally caught up with the party responsible for a hit and run back in 1912.

Spokesman for the police department described the findings as follows: “An iceberg on its regular course with right of way was struck on an April evening in 1912. The ship which struck the iceberg then fled the scene of the crime. A complaint was filed, but we have been unable to find the alleged liner. About ten years ago, with the discovery of the ruins of the Titanic, we begin verifying scratch damage from the iceberg and comparing them with the photos of the sunken ship. We used analysis techniques we learned from watching C.S.I., and the chemistry set we ordered from Wal-mart online, to verify that the Titanic was the perpetrator of the crime.”

Those funny guys at spooftimes are responsible for this. Weekly World News is probably kicking themselves for not getting this first! 😉