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Hartley Violin Begins Belfast Exhibition Today

Wallace Hartley's ViolinThe violin Wallace Hartley had aboard Titanic is on display today at Titanic Belfast in the second-class accommodation suite until 13 October. This will be the last public showing of the violin as it is scheduled to be auctioned off on 19 October by auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son. It is strongly advised you purchase admission tickets in advance.

1. Violin Played On Titanic By Colne Musician, Wallace Hartley, To Go On Display In Belfast(18 Sep 2013, Lancashire Telegraph)
2. Titanic bandmaster’s on display at Titanic Belfast-Press Release(18 Sep 2013, Titanic Belfast)

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Friday Titanic Newswrap

1. Cruise Ship News writes about how some are willing to pay $1 million for a ticket on Titanic II. They also report at least 40,000 people have inquired about a ticket thus far. With reported talks going on between Blue Star at United Arab Emirates (UAE) companies, the speculation is Titanic II will likely be directed to wealthy Emirates.

Source: Titanic 2 Ship Tickets At A Ridiculous Price(Cruise Ship News,2 Aug 2013)

2. Titanic: The Experience has opened in Buena Park, CA at the old Movieland Wax Museum. It runs from 1 Aug-21 Nov and is open daily. Ticket prices, hours of operation and other information can be found here.

Source: 8 Enthralling Elements To Experience At “Titanic” & “Bodies” In Buena Park(1 Aug 2013,Examiner.com)

Wallace Hartley's Violin3. The Hartley Violin is now on display at Titanic Branson  Aug 1-15. Visitors are advised to purchase tickets in advance. Reservations are required for daily VIP Hartley Violin tour.

Source: Press Release:Titanic Branson Set For Exclusive World Display of Long Lost Titanic Violin August 1 – 15(30 Jul 2013, PR Newswire)

4. Titanic Belfast Update:The Belfast Telegraph reports that Ulster Bank has renewed financing with the group backing Titanic Belfast. The £92m financing deal will help further development of the site.

Source: Full Speed Ahead For Titanic Belfast And Its Bankers(1 Aug 2013,Belfast Telegraph)


Monday Titanic News

Photo courtesy George Behe
Photo courtesy George Behe

1. Titanic II Update: The Australian drops a small zinger saying its development appearsto have slowed. No explanation is given for this statement or what they base it upon. They also note they were recently denied access to tour the CSC Jinling shipyard in Nanjing.

Source: Titanic II May Follow Original(15 June 2013, The Australian)

2. The Mystic Aquarium recently expanded its Titanic exhibit to include a gallery about the International Ice Patrol reports The Day. The unit, based in New London, is a small unit within the U.S. Coast Guard. Commander Lisa Mack believes it provides great visibility for the Coast Guard. “Our hope is that people find it interesting and learn something about our service.” Many people have no idea the Coast Guard tracks icebergs until they learn of it through such exhibits or research the Titanic story.

Source: Ice Patrol Increases Visibility With Inclusion At Aquarium’s Titanic Exhibit(14 June 2013, The Day)

3. From Ireland:Creating large scale models often pose a problem when you need to move them. 17-year-old Lorin Robinson had built a 7 foot long model of the ship but college is 15 miles away. So he called up a friend and using a trolley made from an old go-cart to move it from his room to Weston College in time for summer arts show. The set off after midnight hoping the roads would be quiet. Not so quiet as trucks roared past them and many street lights are no longer operating at that hour. Fortunately they got there and were spotted outside their classroom at 7:30 a.m. The model is now on display from 18-28 June. Hopefully they will have an easier time getting it back home.

Source: Student Drags His Titanic 15 Miles(13 June 2013,Irish Independent)
(Link Not Provided To Republic of Ireland Newspapers Due To Paid Links Demand)

4. A new cruise facility will be built in the Titanic Quarter owing to the increased stopping of cruise ships that have generated £3.9m in visitor spending. £7m is going to be invested to allow passengers to disembark within walking distance of Titanic Belfast, the Pump House, and Nomadic.
Source: £7m Invested In Titanic Cruise Facility(13 June 2013, 4ni.co.uk)

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Sunday Titanic News

Nomadic 1911
Nomadic (1911)
Nomadic 2000
Nomadic (2000)

1. After substantial refurbishment, SS Nomadic–the last remaining ship of White Star Line–is ready for visitors after seven years work and £7 million spent on the effort. The tender was built in 1911 at Harland & Wolff to ferry passengers to and from ships like Titanic, and served in that capacity until 1968. During World War I it served as a mine sweeper and troop carrier. In World War II it helped in the evacuation of Cherbourg. For many years it served as a floating restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. It ended up rusting away after that facing being sold for scrap before it was bought up at auction in France in 2006.

Nomadic will officially open in June. To purchase tickets and more information, go to nomadicbelfast.com.

Source: Titanic’s Little Sister Open Again(26 May 2013, Belfast Telegraph)

2. Crime reports are not often reported here but this one has a Titanic connection. The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that a recent theft at Moorthorpe Recreation Club involved some rare Titanic collectibles. The club had been closed for rennovations when thieves broke through the roof and entered the club. Among the many things taken was the last SOS telegram sent by Titanic to Carpathia along with a picture of the ship. They also stole many autographed pictures of sports legends. A reward of £1,000 (about $1,512) is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible.

Source: Titanic SOS Stolen In Club Raid(24 May 2013, Yorkshire Evening Post)

Wallace & Gromit Do Titanic

To encourage people to visit the UK, Wallace and Gromit have been recruited to assist. And in keeping with using Titanic as a draw, they are recreating the famous scene from Cameron’s Titanic. Enjoy.

Photo credit:Visit England/PA Wire
Photo credit:Visit England/PA Wire

Sourc: TV Stars Wallace And Gromit Say Cheese At Titanic Belfast(11 May 2013, Belfast Telegraph)

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Titanic News For 24 April 2013

(1) Titanic Belfast exceeded all expectations for 2012 reports BBC News. More than 800,000 people from 128 countries visited Titanic Belfast in its first year. Some doubted it would succeed and would need 290,000 visitors to break even.

Source: Titanic Belfast Had 800000 Visitors In Year(23 April 2013,BBC News)

(2) Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition is coming to Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland in June. Advance tickets are now on sale through the web site. The exhibition runs from 1 June 2013 through 5 Jan 2014.

Source: New Titanic Exhibit Coming To Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center(23 April 2013, NewsNet5.com)

(3) Alan Aldridge of Henry Aldridge & Son was interviewed recently by CBS News about the Hartley violin. Aldridge says that micro-analysis found evidence of salt water corrosion in the wood and metal screws on the silver plate. He also says he has no idea how much it will be worth when auctioned off.

Source: Reputed “Titanic Violin” To Be Put Up For Auction(23 April 2013, CBSNews)

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Titanic News For 25 Mar 2013

1. A rare Titanic menu will going on display at Titanic Belfast vistor center starting 26 Mar. The menu, a first class luncheon menu dated 14 April 1912, was in the purse of Titanic survivor Ruth Dodge. Ruth, her husband Dr. Washington Dodge, and their 5 year old son Washington Dodge, Jr. survived. Washington Dodge would commit suicide in 1919.* The menu displays the list of dishes for the final first class luncheon. It was auctioned last year and purchased by Rupert Hunt. Hunt decided he wanted other Titanic enthusiasts to enjoy viewing it. The menu will join other artifacts already on display: Titanic Inquiry Plan, Titanic surgeon Dr. John Simpson’s letter, Harland & Wolff ship launch and salary notebooks.

Source: Belfast Exhibition Visitors Can Feast Their Eyes On New Piece Of Titanic Memorabilia(25 Mar 2013,The Courier)

*Further information on Dr. Washington Dodge can be found at Encyclopedia Titanica.

2. Zombies are popular today (actually they are ghouls rather than the classical zombie) and so it is no surprise someone has penned one dealing with Titanic. Jess d’Arbonne at Examiner.com reviews Deck Z:The Titanic Dead by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon. A zombie plague breaks out on that fateful voyage and feeds into the modern day zombie plague stories. He gives it a positive review. Just wondering if the next new frontier for zombie fiction will be the land of Oz or perhaps a fairy tale world?

Source: Zombie Book Review: ‘Deck Z’ Brings The Titanic To Unlife(25 Mar 2013,Examiner.com)

3. British drinkers of Titanic Brewery beer can enjoy their pints a bit more these days. The price of a pint had risen due to taxes but thanks to a recent government reversal that lowered taxes, Titanic Brewery lowered its prices. Okay this is not about Titanic but when a government decides to tax less, that is news. Especially if it reduces the cost of a pint by 5p.

Source: Titanic Brewery Cuts The Price Of A Pint!(25 Mar 2013, alittlebitofstone.com)

Last Dinner On the Titanic: Menus and Recipes from the Great Liner

Tea on the Titanic: 100 Years Later

Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead

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Titanic Belfast Tops IrishCentral Top Ten Things To See In Ireland For 2013

Okay so you are planning a trip to Ireland this year, so what do your put on the list to see? Susan Byron at IrishCentral has put together a list of the top ten places to consider visiting while in Ireland. At the top of the list is Titanic Museum in Belfast. She advises to book tickets online as visitors are limited per hour. She also advises the Galley restaurant on ground floor is pretty busy so book afternoon tea upstairs in the salon by the Grand Staircase where it is much quieter. Or if you want more hearty fare hop a cab to Crown Liquor Salon for beef in Guinness pie and a pint of Ireland’s favorite beer. Here are the other places she recommends:

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park Bunratty, County Clare

Museum of Country Life Castlebar, County Mayo

Croke Park Museum, Croke Park, Dublin

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, Dublin

Bantry House, Bantry, County Cork

Mizen Head Lighthouse, County Cork

Lismore Castle Gardens Lismore, County Waterford

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick

Swiss Cottage Cahir, County Tipperary

Source: IrishCentral, Ireland’s Top Ten Tourist Attractions In 2013 – Where To Go And What To See In Ireland, 11 Feb 2013

Friday Titanic News

1. The Times & Star (UK) is reporting of a plan to erect a Titanic memorial to inform visitors of Maryport’s Titanic link. The idea came from a resident discussing ways to spend a £10,000 grant given to boost town centres. The plaque will be erected next to the Factory Shop in Senhouse Street. Bruce Ismay, White Star Line owner, was from Maryport.

Source: Times & Star, Titanic Memorial Planned For Maryport, 7 Dec 2012

2. Pendletoday (U.K.) is reporting on a call to support Colne’s The Titanic in Lancashire Museum which recently put binoculars presented to Carpathia Captain (and Titanic survivor rescuer) Aruther Rostron up for sale on eBay. The museum is under severe financial stress and is forced to sell to cover costs. Museum curator Nigel Hampson is hoping for donations and possibly a sponsor to held meet their needs. Further information how to donate at Titanic in Lancashire Museum.

Source: pendletoday.co.uk, Titanic Museum In Colne Needs Support, 7 Dec 2012


1. Anna Marie D’angelo writes approvingly in The Vancouver Sun (Canada) of Titanic Belfast. She visited in August and found it worth seeing. She also has tips on making reservations for Titanic Belfast. Also remember to pack rain gear even in summer!

Source: Vancouver Sun, Titanic Belfast Is An Immense Hit, 7 Dec 2012


Belfast & Southampton Win Port Awards

I had no idea that awards for best ports existed, but it seems they do. The web site Cruise Critic has just awarded its 2012 Editors Picks. Belfast was named best UK port of call and Southampton best UK departure point.

The international panel, made up of cruise journalists, said: ‘Belfast has regained its former glory thanks to the ship that for many years defined its decay.”On Southampton, the website explained: ‘We acknowledge the approach to Southampton is not as iconic as that of New York, but this year, the port excelled in two stand-out events – Cunard’s Three Queens [the meeting of the Queen Victoria, the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth] and P&O’s Grand Event, showing it can handle a large number of ships with ease.’

A record number of 43 cruise ships docked in Belfast this year largely due to Titanic centenary. Of course they are quite pleased with the news in Belfast. Tony McAuley, Commercial Officer at Belfast Harbour said to Daily Mail “We are delighted that the substantial investment made in recent years in providing world class tourism facilities in Belfast and Northern Ireland, such as Titanic Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre, is recognised and appreciated by the international cruise community.”

100 year on Titanic still is effecting things.

Source: Daily Mail, Titanic Win For Belfast And Southampton As Cities Linked To Liner Scoop Best Port Awards,4 Dec 2012