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For your Friday: Dean Martin sings Buona Sera

If you ever saw the movie Return to Me (2000) starring Minnie Driver and David Duchovny, you would have heard this song. The movie itself is pretty nice love story. David Duchovny’s character’s wife dies and her heart goes into Minnie Driver’s character. Later the two meet and fall in love. Then she learns that her new heart came from his late wife. That of course causes some issues. It is a good little movie. And it has some excellent character actors who add a lot to this movie: Carroll O’Connor, Eddie Jones, Robert Loggia, and Wally Jatczak. Jim Belushi also stars as the husband of Minnie Driver’s best friend (played by Bonnie Hunt).

Also the movie uses a great Sinatra song At Long Last Love as well.


For your Friday: Chris de Burgh

Chris de Burgh has had a successful musical career with hits like “Lady in Red.” His 1982 album The Getaway featured a song that became classic called “Don’t Pay the Ferryman.” That same album had many other great songs such as this one-“Where Peaceful Waters Flow.” As we close out Friday, this seems like a nice song to bring the week to a close. Enjoy.