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Titanic News: Titanic Expert Debunks Myths

‘It’s A Myth!’ Titanic Expert Exposes Damage ‘Greater Than Iceberg’ That Sunk Vessel (Daily Express, 19 Jan 2021)

The British passenger liner, under the captaincy of Edward Smith, had roughly 2,400 passengers on board when it struck an iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912. The devastating event saw more than 1,500 people lose their lives on the “unsinkable” vessel in one of modern history’s deadliest commercial marine disasters. An official inquiry into the incident by the British Wreck Commissioner found the owners – White Star – were not to blame, but in the years since numerous myths have developed over the story.

According to expert Tim Maltin, one of these surrounds how the vessel went down. Famous sketches over the years have depicted the front of the ship raised, as the back appears to slowly disappear below the waves. But Mr Maltin told historian Dan Snow that “sadly, this is a myth” during his appearance on History Hit’s documentary ‘Debunking the Myths of the Titanic’.

Titanic: Death of a Dream

The excellent A&E documentary on Titanic has a wealth of information. It has interviews with historians, researchers, survivors and others to fill out the story. It is quite good but hard to find now that A&E repackaged it under a new title for the Titanic centenary. At any rate part one has been posted to YouTube. This appears to be a licensed version rather than someone just uploading it and violating copyright law. Enjoy. (Note: This is part 1!)

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