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Descendent of Titanic Survivor Wants To Wed on Replica of Titanic’s Grand Staircase

Ben Goldsmith, a descendent of Titanic survivor Frank Goldsmith Jr., wants to wed his fiancee on the Titanic staircase replica at Center Of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio. According to Mansfield News Journal, the couple is taking part in an online competition by COSI to select a couple to wed there in September. Five couples are competing for the chance and votes are taking place online until 31 May.

“It would be an incredible way to honor my family’s legacy,” said Goldsmith, a 1999 Madison Comprehensive High School graduate.

Ben learned of his legacy from his uncle, Tom Goldsmith. Tom, who is an electrician, does presentations at schools on Titanic. It is way to memorialize his family’s loss. Tom got the account directly from his grandfather, Frank Goldsmith Jr. His grandfather never got over what he saw.

“He would tell me part of the story, but I would never get it from beginning to end,” said Tom Goldsmith, a 1981 Madison graduate. “He would tell portions of it like he was still a child. It wasn’t a morbid story, kind of matter-of-fact.”

There are many people who desired to be part of the Titanic experience after the movie. Some tried (and dangerously so) the famous bow scene from the movie. The trend today is the dinner theme by dressing up in period outfits and having a meal based on what was served on Titanic. Getting married on a replica of Titanic’s grand staircase is memorable and even novel. I hope they win the competition. It shows that while Titanic took many lives, those that survived remember the loss and honor their memory.

Mansfield News Journal, Madison Grad Wants ‘Titanic’ Wedding, 17 May 2010

Spoof Alert: Iceland Issues Traffic Citation To Titanic!

Stop the presses! Cable news channels issue those news alerts! Iceland has finally caught up with the party responsible for a hit and run back in 1912.

Spokesman for the police department described the findings as follows: “An iceberg on its regular course with right of way was struck on an April evening in 1912. The ship which struck the iceberg then fled the scene of the crime. A complaint was filed, but we have been unable to find the alleged liner. About ten years ago, with the discovery of the ruins of the Titanic, we begin verifying scratch damage from the iceberg and comparing them with the photos of the sunken ship. We used analysis techniques we learned from watching C.S.I., and the chemistry set we ordered from Wal-mart online, to verify that the Titanic was the perpetrator of the crime.”

Those funny guys at spooftimes are responsible for this. Weekly World News is probably kicking themselves for not getting this first! 😉

Titanic Sequel News:Titanic 2 Straight to DVD

Jokes about a Titanic sequel have sadly proven true. According to Ecorazzi, a sequel has finally appeared. Well sort of. It is not quite a sequel but about a ship called Titanic 2 that according to the marketing is about:

On the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a modern luxury liner christened “Titanic 2,” follows the path of its namesake. But when a tsunami hurls an iceberg into the new ship’s path, the passengers and crew must fight to avoid a similar fate.

Tsunami? Iceberg? Personally I was looking for it to be Marvin the Martian testing out a new death ray! 🙂

You can read more details at The Asylum.

Titanic 2: Destined to be a low seller at Amazon.

British Warship Rescues Family After Yacht Hits Iceberg

Fox News is reporting that a yacht in the South Atlantic hit a growler and required assistance. From the news report:

Carl Lomas and Tracey Worth, also known as Lord and Lady Hollinsclough, were sailing to Cape Town with their daughters, Caitland and Morgause Lomas, believed to be in their teens. They ran into trouble in the South Atlantic after hitting a low-lying iceberg similar to the one that sank the Titanic. Falmouth Coastguard helped authorities in the Falkland Islands locate the vessel – named Yacht Hollinsclough – which had taken on water and suffered engine failure. “What they’ve hit is a ‘growler’, where hardly anything is out of the water and the majority is submerged,” a coastguard spokesman explained. “It is very similar to what the Titanic hit. You can track them by radar or visual lookout, but you can’t see them all.”

Good to learn all have been rescued. One slight quibble is that  Titanic did not hit a growler but likely one that had turned turtle (meaning larger underwater than above).

Fox News, British Warship Rescues Family After Yacht Hits Iceberg, 9 May 2010

Sort of Titanic Cliche of Day: Newsweek Editor Compared To Captain Smith

Poor Captain Smith. At one time a well respected sea captain and commodore of the White Star Line. Now just an afterthought for commentators searching for ways to include Titanic into their writing. Take the case of Newsweek.  It is for sale and the editor, Jon Meacham, is out making the rounds that it was not his fault.

Jim Treacher over at Daily Caller notes some of Meacham’s odd comments. Like that for 77 years Newsweek mattered to the country. Quite a statement considering that the country seems to have decided not to buy or subscribe to the magazine these days. Treacher for his part delivers in pointing out that probably no one ever heard of Jon Meacham till now.

The news that the Washington Post Company is selling off Newsweek is the most shocking development in the media world since the cancellation of Buggy Whip Monthly. The magazine’s editor, Jon Meacham, has been making the media rounds, explaining why it’s not his fault. If you don’t recognize his name, don’t worry. Nobody remembers who the captain of the Titanic was either.

Ouch! I must admit I never knew who Jon Meacham was until now. Then again I did know Titanic’s captain. Not quite a full cliche but in the ballpark. At least Treacher did not compare Meacham’s handling of Newsweek to that of Captain Smith.

  • Titanic Exhibition Company Gets Bottom Rating

    graph downSmarTrend back in April reported on five companies in the Leisure industry that were on the bottom regarding Return on Equity (ROE). Investors prefer companies where the ROE is growing rather than stagnant. In SmarTrend’s analysis, Premier Exhibitions lost -23.4%  topping the list of the worst returns on ROE. Not a happy day if you have invested in Premier Exhibitions (NASDAQ:PRXI).


    Titanic Cliche of the Day

    Rob Neyer at ESPN blogs about Joe Posnanski’s comments on the Royals sending down Alex Gordon to Triple A. Posnanski refers to Titanic:

    This isn’t just rearranging furniture on the Titanic. It’s rearranging furniture on the Titanic to make room for the wagon wheel coffee table.

    ESPN, Have Royals Given Up On Alex Gordon?, 3 May 2010

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    Titanic Voted Best Movie Song

    [amazonify]B000VS6R26[/amazonify] is reporting My Heart Will Go On has been voted the best film song of all time. The top ten are as follows:

    1. Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On, Titanic

    2. Take That – Rule The World, Stardust

    3. Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Armageddon

    4. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes – Time Of My Life, Dirty Dancing

    5. Sir Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight, The Lion King

    6. Sir Elton John – Circle Of Life, The Lion King

    7. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You, The Bodyguard

    8. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – Summer Nights, Grease

    9. Leona Lewis – I See You, Avatar

    10. Faith Hill – There You’ll Be, Pearl Harbor.

    Just proves some songs are enjoyed long after the movie it was in has departed the theatre.  I am not surprised to see Circle of Life on the list but surprised to see Summer Nights from Grease. Olivia still has appeal after many years since that movie came out. Too bad a song from West Side Story did not make it. Some do not like Celine Dion’s song but, despite the critics, it still tops the list year after year.

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    Titanic Odds and Ends

    New York Hotel With Titanic Connection

    The Jane Hotel in New York not only costs $79 a night, has bellboys dressed in old fashioned “monkey suits,” but also has a Titanic connection. According to Reb Stevenson of the Toronto Star this 146 room hotel in Manhattan’s West Village is worth a stay if for nothing else the ecentric theme. Originally a lodging for sailors when it opened in 1908, it became famous in 1912 when Titanic survivors stayed there. The Jane was not much over the years and more of a flophouse according to Stevenson. Then it was bought in 2008 by Sean MacPherson, who owns three other Manhattan hotels. At first the plan was to scrap the old place and put up a traditional hotel. Then MacPherson got the idea to rennovate it into a more upscale but less pricey place for people of modest means to stay.

    The standard cabins aren’t much larger than a sleeping bag on the sidewalk, but they’ve got style in spades. Throughout The Jane, there’s a vague, nautical feel, as though it shares some of Titanic’s DNA. Within my five-by-seven-foot room, I’ve got a single bed, flat-screen TV, iPod dock, fan, towel, slippers, storage cubbyholes, hooks and even a window. Yes, it’s rather snug, but since I’m not a scarecrow I can cope. There is no Edwardian chamber pot in the cabin. And thank God for that. Instead, guests must brave shared coed washrooms down the hall.

    More spacey abodes are available (which cost more) and there is a restaurant with a French/Moroccan theme that has nothing more expensive than $14 on the menu. And the male staff all sport the retro bellboy costumes of long ago. There is a large ballroom with that overstuffed Victorian feel to it (closed at the moment due to permit issues) and a bar that is lush and mysterious. Not bad for $79 a night and comes with a Titanic angle. Something tells me that attractive gal who travels the world for the Travel Channel will not be stopping here soon. But the cost-cutting Rick Steves might find the place worth a try. 🙂

    Titanic Grim: 1 in 89 Survivors Committed Suicide

    Kathleen Minnix recently posted at Book of Odds a grim statistic on Titanic survivors –1 in 89 ended up taking their lives. Some of the more notable suicides are Dr. Washington Dodge, Jack Thayer, and Titanic lookout Frederick Fleet. Dodge shot himself over a lawsuit in 1919, Thayer slashed his wrists and throat in 1945 over a son’s death in World War 11. Frederick Fleet died in 1965 by hanging himself on a clothes line. His wife had died in December and his brother-in-law had evicted from the house.

    The earliest suicide was in 1912.  Annie Robinson, who had been a stewardess on Titanic, was aboard the Devonian on 10 October. The ship encountered heavy fog in Boston and she became agitated. Shortly after the fog horn sounded, she threw herself into the water and drowned. The last survivor suicide was on 11 Jul 1989 by Phyllis May Quick. She shot herself in the head at her home in Detroit.

    A grim statistic indeed.