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Titanic Jewels Ending In Atlanta;Orlando Next Stop

(Photo courtesy George Behe)

“Jewels of Titanic” collection in Atlanta ends on 6 Jan 2013. It then travels to Orlando’s Titanic: The Experience opening on 11 Jan 2013. The collection will be on display until 12 Mar 2013. For information about hours and to purchase tickets, go to Admission to the collection is complementary when purchasing ticket for Titanic: The Experience.

Source: Orlando Attractions Magazine (blog), ‘Jewels of Titanic’ to be on display at Titanic: The Experience in January,
29 Dec 2012


Titanic Exhibition At Merseyside Maritime Museum Extended To 2014

The Titanic Exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum (U.K.) has done so well they have extended it to 2014. According to Liverpool Daily Post:

Jubilant bosses at Merseyside Maritime Museum have announced they will extend the Liverpool Titanic exhibition from April next year until 2014, after visitors reach the half million mark. They had hoped for a total of 450,000 visitors during the 12-month run of Titanic and Liverpool: the Untold Story, which opened on March 30. But that figure has already been exceeded, with 498,475 people coming through the doors up to last weekend – an average of 2,077 a day. That compares favourably with some of the largest visitor attractions in the UK, including 323,897 visitors to The National Gallery’s Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, and 460,000 for Tate Modern’s recent Damien Hirst show.

Further information at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Source: Liverpool Daily Post, Record-Beating Titanic Exhibition Extended At Merseyside Maritime Museum,30 Nov 2012

Lemont Area Historical Society Hosts Titanic Event

The Lemont Area Historical Society is inviting residents (and other interested parties) to its Titanic exhibit 27 Nov at 7p.m. David Bart of the Antique Wireless Association will discuss the sinking focusing on the role of wireless communications. A tasting of a meal served aboard Titanic will also be provided. Best of all, it is free.

Further information at Lemont Area Historical Society.

Source:, From Sinking Ship To Santa At The Historical Society, 14 Nov 2012

Grand Rapids Museum Unveils Great Lakes Shipwrecks Exhibit;Titanic Exhibit In February 2013

The Great Lakes has seen scores of shipwrecks lost to nature, poor seamanship, bad designs, and just plain bad luck. A new exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum shows how 13 ships all met their end and why. The exhibit opens 10 Nov and includes information about the SS Milwaukee, Carl D. Bradley and the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will open in February 2013.

The exhibit is free with general admission. For information on hours, tickets and other information, go to


Just In Time For Halloween-A Haunted Titanic Exhibit

Okay I predicted this. Every year we get a news story usually around Halloween about a alleged haunted Titanic exhibit or something connected to Titanic (like a replica of the famous ship). Over at the Titanic Exhibition in Luxor (Las Vegas) reports of the supernatural are being reported in local press.

The Las Vegas Journal-Review reported that these alleged supernatural events include overhead music being turned off, strange orchestra, spectral voices calling names or giggling, and hair being tousled or unseen force grabbing at jackets. Now the person making many of these claims is Joe Zimmer, an artifacts specialist for the exhibition. He claims to be sober and telling the truth.

“I’ll say this a million times and on my deathbed, and maybe come back and say it after my death: I would not lie to you,” Zimmer says. “What I’m asking you is to keep an open mind. Some of the docents and even guests have had some serious experiences here. Now, is it a trick of the mind or something else?

Time to call the Ghostbusters, sorry, professional ghost hunters. These are the people who walk around with equipment that will detect the presence of a ghost. The journalist accompanied by Tina Carlson and Nancy Riggs (director and co-director respectively) of the Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations decided to explore the exhibit after hours one night. They toured the exhibit and places where strange or spooky things have been reported, like the replica of the grand staircase where a figure dressed in black has been spotted.

Another is a picture of J. Bruce Ismay, which apparently fell off the wall by itself (security cameras showed it falling off with no one touching it). So the journalists and the ghost hunters walked around. A security alarm goes off! The alarm near the Ismay picture has been tripped! It is a motion sensor on glass display case. Then later in the hallway of the third class bunks footsteps are heard coming towards them. A check of the room shows no one there!

The emf detectors went off but it may have been the electronics all over the place giving them false readings. So the ghost tour ended with not much except the motion sensor going off and strange footsteps. No real proof but lets review what we do know for certain.

1) The falling picture

Putting aside spectral hands doing it, is there another plausible explanation for a picture suddenly coming off a wall? Vibrations can cause it if the fitting is not tight. I have seen this happen when something causes a major vibration (lots of people moving about, a truck or household appliance) that shakes it enough something to fall off a shelf or wall.The fact the security cameras saw no one suggests this a possibility. My guess is that the picture was not quite secure and vibrations (which can come from a distance and not be readily apparent) likely caused it to fall.

2) The Motion Detector

These are temperamental devices but models vary as does quality. Many things can set them off but if they are set to only go off when someone breaks the glass (or I suppose leans too hard on it). My first act is not to assume supernatural but test the equipment. if it is going off when no one is breaking or touching the glass, it likely is a malfunction. It could be a number of things from wiring going bed to the sensor being temperamental requiring adjustment. How would a ghost set it off and humans not? If people just walked by and then suddenly it goes off, that does not mean a ghost did it. That sounds like a vibration (that word again) the alarm picked up and sensed might be a problem. At any rate the alarm needs to be examined by an electrician to determine what the problem might be.

3)Ghostly Footsteps

This is more common than realized. Sometimes we here footsteps only to learn no one is there. For instance you are inside a building and you hear what seems like footsteps going up the stairs nearby. But no one is there! However outside are stairs and when someone walks up and down they sound like someone is walking on the stairs inside. Long time ago I was in the basement of a home watching television. I distinctly heard what I thought were footsteps above. Even the dog woofed a bit. Nothing was there though so what caused the sound of footsteps! Contracting floorboards. It was a cold night (below freezing) and the wood was constricting and as it did, caused those sounds.

So what did they hear that night? One possibility is they did hear footsteps but actually was someplace nearby. It only sounded like it was coming towards them. A simple experiment would confirm this hypothesis. Another possibility is fooling ourselves. We are so keyed up to experience something supernatural our brain latches on to something but it did no really happen.

Of course these days one has to suspect trickery as well. Too often clever pranksters can cause things to happen, like things appearing to fly off shelves as examples of poltergeists. There are many ways we can be fooled. Like the infamous Amityville Horror where it was simply all made up (virtually none of the things in the book or movie ever happened)by a defense attorney in cahoots with the Lutzes. Causing a chandelier to swing is not difficult with the right tools. Just ask Pen & Teller.

So if you are planning a trip to a Titanic Exhibition and worried ghosts might be about, do not worry yourself. The only ghosts you are likely to meet will be living ones dressed as people back then or the famous Captain Smith.


Las Vegas Review – Journal,Tours Explore Haunting Of Titanic Exhibit At Luxor, 21 Oct 2012

Plantation Historical Museum To Hold Titanic Exhibit

The Plantation Historical Museum in Plantation, Florida will have a Titanic Exhibit from 14 April -30 Jun 2012. The grand opening and reception takes place on 14 April from 2:00-4:00 PM. A special presentation of A Night To Remember will take place from 5:30-8:30 PM. Admission is free. For more information about Plantation Historical Museum, go to

Titanic News For 18 Nov 2011

1. ‘Titanic’ Exhibition Headed For San Diego Natural History Museum (17 Nov 2011,
The blockbuster touring show, “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition,” is set to land for a seven-month run at the San Diego Natural History Museum on Feb. 10, 2012. “This is a rare opportunity to view these historic pieces in San Diego,” said Michael W. Hager, the museum’s president and CEO in a statement. “It took a monumental effort to recover the artifacts, including eight trips to the wreckage located 2.5 miles beneath the surface of the Atlantic. This exhibit combines that technical story with the human drama that makes the Titanic tragedy such a well-known event.”

Info: Tickets to the San Diego showing will be $27, with discounts for members, military and others. Call (877) 946-7797 or visit

2.  The Human Cost Of The Titanic Disaster (16 Nov 2011, Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette)
In Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy, chilling photographs of some of the dead, which White Star circulated in the hope of identifying them, are monstrous reminders of the scale of human loss. The approaching centenary of the Titanic disaster next spring has presented publishers with the opportunity to explore the catastrophe in impressive detail. The heavyweight has to be Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy. This veritable doorstop of a third edition, by two of the world’s most renowned Titanic experts, is illuminating on many levels. One of them is how extensively the Titanic was actually photographed, both inside and out. Moments of true maritime history were recorded, like the picture of Titanic and her sister ship Olympic – later broken up here on the Tyne – bow-to-stern at the yard of Harland and Wolff.

Charles Lightholler 1912

3. Titanic Survivor Featured In New Book (14 Nov 2011, Chorley Guardian)
The extraordinary life and career of a Titanic voyager from Chorley is being celebrated by a writer with a mission. Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller was the most senior surviving officer on the ship, and has fascinated writer Patrick Stenson for years. In a new edition of Patrick’s book, the former writer and broadcaster claims he has uncovered new evidence regarding the tragedy. The 65-year-old from Altrincham said: “I was going over the old evidence and I noticed some things that hadn’t been picked out in the inquiry. “It became quite clear that the ship was on top of the iceberg before the crew realised – it was much, much closer than people thought.”

Titanic News For 14 Nov 2011

1. Inside The Titanic Brings New Insight To Old Story (11 Nov 2011, National Post)
Curiosity: Inside the Titanic doesn’t provide unexpected or undiscovered research, but it does tell the story of the ship in a different way: by recreating the events of April 15, 1912, using first-hand stories of the survivors. The two-hour film, a drama-umentary of sorts, includes a fair bit of explanatory work, as befits a show that’s on the Discovery channel, showing how a handful of decisions in the moments after the Titanic sideswiped an iceberg pushed the great ship’s situation from grave to doomed. But the Canadian-British co-production adds some edge to the anodyne technical stuff by showing how real-life folk dealt with a situation that went from curious to disastrous in a hurry.

2. 92-Year-Old Titanic Buff Visits Gould School (10 Nov 2011,
When fourth-grade Gould School reading teacher Susan Kappock had students complete an assignment on the search for the Titanic, she noticed one child gave very detailed answers. After inquiring about student Sajid Quraeshi’s interest, Kappock learned his 92-year-old great uncle, Jack Mafcola, has had a lifelong fascination with the ocean and has become an unofficial expert on the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago. Mafcola, along with his wife Emily, visited Gould School Tuesday to share with fourth graders the lessons learned from one of history’s greatest peacetime maritime disasters.

Harold Lowe

3. Plaque For Titanic Officer Will Be At Harbour After All(10 Nov 2011, Cambrian News)Barmouth councillors have made a U-turn on the location for a commemorative plaque for Titanic hero Harold Lowe – after complaints from campaigners. A town council sub-committee decided on Tuesday that the plaque to honour Titanic’s Fifth Officer Harold Lowe would be placed on a wall outside the harbourmaster’s office and a unveiling ceremony would be held on 15 April 2012 – exactly 100 years after the disaster.

4. Record Attendance at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at ArtScience Museum (10 Nov 2011, eTravelBlackboard – Asia Edition)
Over 18,500 visitors have experienced the RMS Titanic in the first 10 days of opening Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is fast proving to be a hit among visitors of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands with over 18,500 visitors in its first 10 days of opening. The use of authentic artifacts and extensive room re-creations combined with the compelling stories of the passengers and crew has captured the imagination of visitors both local and overseas alike.

5. Titanic Exhibit At Natural Science Center Extended (9 Nov 2011, WFMY News 2)
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition has been extended at the Natural Science Center in Greensboro. Center officials said due to popular demand the exhibit which was supposed to wrap up this month will be extended until January 8.

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Titanic News For 9 Nov 2011

1. Surviving Titanic Tale Has ‘Lord Jim’ Twist (6 Nov 2011, Dubuque Telegraph Herald)
Joseph Conrad’s “Lord Jim” is about a sailor who flees in a moment of crisis and is forever labeled a coward. In “How to Survive the Titanic,” British writer Frances Wilson tells the story of a real life Lord Jim: J. Bruce Ismay, heir to the White Star Line fortune. Fleeing the ship in a lifeboat, Ismay himself survived this most mythologized of all maritime disasters, even as thousands of women and children perished on that fateful night in 1912.
Note: Fee required to view article

2. Titanic Exhibition Opens In Cork (5 Nov 2011, Irish Central)
A farewell message in a bottle that was thrown from the Titanic can now be seen at the Titanic Exhibition in the Cobh Heritage Center. The letter, which was presented by a family member of the victim, goes on display just as next year’s centenary of the ship’s sinking approaches. Jeremiah Burke didn’t have much time to write a last note to his family as  the Titanic went down. The 19-year-old, who was traveling from his home in Glanmire, Co. Cork with his 18-year-old cousin Nora Hegarty, simply said “goodbye all” in his last note.

Titanic News for 4 Nov 2011

Titanic : A Poignant Reminder At Singapore (1 Nov 2011, TruthDive)
It is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic which set sail in April 1912. Dropping anchor in Singapore at the Art-Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands, visitors can walk through 2,500 sq. metres of gallery space for a poignant journey on the ill-fated Titanic and her passengers. The exhibition which is on till April 2012 will feature moving reminders of the people who had taken the trip – a gold pocket watch, a cravat, a pair of brown boots, a silver pot and even a suitcase which had contained vials of perfume.

The Man Who Found The Titanic (1 Nov 2011, BBC News)
So I put it to him that, while elsewhere in the world it is regarded as iconic, in Northern Ireland we are still not quite certain how to cope with the ship’s loss. “I’m glad that Belfast is finally proud of having built the Titanic”, he explained. “They built an amazing ship. It wasn’t their fault that it sank. It was an amazing piece of engineering. So I am really pleased that they are now proud of what they did.” There used to be an old put-down in Belfast if you mentioned the Titanic with any degree of interest. “It sank – get over it!”. But the finishing touches are being put to a £100m building to mark the centenary. It stands in the Titanic Quarter near the centre of Belfast, beside the preserved slipway where the Titanic was launched all those years ago.

Coventry Marks Links To Titanic On 100th Anniversary Of Tragedy (1 Nov 2011, Coventry Telegraph)
The city-based Titanic Heritage Trust has put together a fascinating programme of talks and theatrical events at Blue Coat School, Stoke, to mark the anniversary of RMS Titanic’s tragic sinking in 1912. The five-month programme begins this month. Events include the poignant reflections of David Haisman – a local relative of Edith Brown, the Titanic’s oldest survivor – who himself served in the Merchant Navy and worked as look-out on ice fields across the North Atlantic. There will also be a staged recreation of a 1912 musical evening held to raise money for the Titanic Relief Fund.

The Titanic Sails Into Singapore (1 Nov 2011, Channel News Asia)
Don’t start learning the lyrics of the title song in the movie Titanic, or practising the famous DiCaprio-Winslet pose, the Titanic exhibition now on in Singapore is nothing about the movie, and everything about real-life on the iconic ship. Dropping anchor in Singapore at the ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands, visitors can wander through 2,500 square metres of gallery space for a poignant journey on the ill-fated Titanic and her passengers. The exhibition which is on till April 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic which set sail in April 1912 will feature poignant reminders of the people who had taken the trip – a gold pocket watch, a cravat and even a suitcase which had contained vials of perfume.

Rare Titanic First Class Deck Plan Sold For £33000 (30 Oct 2011, Liverpool Echo)
A rare Titanic first class deck plan belonging to a wealthy New York couple who drowned at sea has sold at auction for £30,000. It is thought to be only one of three in existence and was in the hands of a private collector since Ms Bird’s death in 1949. Despite the deck plan’s age and fragile condition, the delicate document has remained in one piece. Other top sellers included the first class D deck toilet keys, which made £43,000, and the SS Birma log archive documenting the final signals Titanic sent, selling for £32,000. A Titanic stamp booklet made £33,000 and three unpublished images of Titanic’s launch sold for £25,000.

Raising The Titanic At Paramount Theme Park (29 Oct 2011, The Leader Newspaper Online)
The legend of Titanic is rising from the murky depths of history and will be on show at the new Paramount Theme Park to open in 2015. Obviously, this will not be the original ship, but a full size replica is being built at the theme park, where visitors can indeed travel back in time and keep the memory of the soon to be lost ship afloat. The park will open for 282 days of the year from 10am-10pm, and will consist of 7 hotels and over 30 themed rides, of which Titanic will be a star attraction in the “Adventure City”, along with others like a roller coaster representation of the film The Italian Job, and a “virtual reality” experience of Mission Impossible.

Historically Significant Titanic Archive Brings 100 570 At Philip Weiss Auctions (27 Oct 2011, release)
A historically significant and museum-quality archive of material pertaining to the doomed ocean liner the HMS Titanic — consigned by direct descendants of a couple that were rescued when the ship went down the morning of April 15, 1912 — sold for a staggering $100,570 at a weekend estate sale conducted Oct. 21-23 by Philip Weiss Auctions.

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