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Welcome To Summer

Today is the first day of Summer in the northern hemisphere. For those below the equator, it is the Winter solstice. The Summer solstice day has the longest hours of daylight (above the equator that is). In some places, such as in the Arctic Circle, they get the “midnight sun” during the night. Those who live closer to the Antarctic Circle will not see the sun at all during this time of year. However if you live near the equator, the sun neither shifts up or down so day length does not vary much.

The sun rising over Stonehenge on summer solstice(2005) Photo:Andrew Dunn (Wikimedia)
The sun rising over Stonehenge on summer solstice(2005).
Photo:Andrew Dunn (Wikimedia)

Summer Is Officially Here

The Summer Solstice officially occurred today at 5:04 hours UT, 1:04 a.m EDT, or if you are on the West Coast at 22:04 PDT. It is an important day on the calendar as it marks an important shift from spring to summer. Ancient times saw the day celebrated with all kinds of rituals to welcome summer. It is the day of the highest sun and the longest daylight hours, but not the hottest day as some used to believe. And it was the time when the growing season for most crops had reached a turning point. National Geographic has a good article here about the 2013 summer solstice.

Today most of us have forgotten the significance it had for our ancestors. Today it is marked as the shift towards a time for vacations, kids to play, and work to be done on homes needing repair. The rituals have changed but the season is a vital part of the year for those who grow our food. Perhaps we ought to be thanking them.

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