Belfast Telegraph:Titanic II Has Run Aground

Just a pipe dream.

The hits just keep coming against Clive Palmer and the un-Titanic II. Belfast Telegraph reports that CSC Jinling Shipyard in China is now referring all comments about Titanic II to Blue Star Line. The Telegraph follows an earlier story in Daily Mail that Deltamarin was no longer working on the ship design and in fact had suspended work 18 months ago. According to the newspaper:

But although Mr Palmer spent millions on marketing his childhood dream project, including a lavish project launch on USS Intrepid in New York, documents just published by the administrators of a former Palmer company, Queensland Nickel, show that little or no money has been put into the development of Titanic II for over two years. Indeed, the only funds directed towards the project were for offsite storage and IT-related expenses. Last week, Mr Palmer said at a press conference he would have to ask his wife if he could pursue the project in retirement – a statement that suggested he was well aware Titanic II was now a mere pipe dream.

Source: Plans to build replica Titanic all at sea as Oz tycoon Clive Palmer gets cold feet (Belfast Telegraph, 10 May 2016)

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  1. How did White Star line manage to pay for it originally, how much did it cost then and what would that be in today’s money.

  2. The ship cost $7.5 million to build and it was financed through JP Morgan and International Mercantile Marine. Some calculate that to be around $4.5 billion today.

  3. Would be a remarkable thing to see in fact it would truly a wonderful site

  4. I would hope that the ship will built it is a fine ship if clive Palmer can not come up with the funds then there is donations from bill gates or maybe Donald Trump to help me Palmer get started and finish this dream we all so want to happen I to want this to happen.

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