Titanic II Update: Nothing Going On At Shipyard

[Update: Some people are encountering a problem reading The Australian article. Apparently in some cases it is requiring you to subscribe first to be able to view. You can read an alternative article here at news.com.au.]

Photo:Ian L(publicdomainpictures.net)
Photo:Ian L(publicdomainpictures.net)

The Australian is reporting that nothing is going on at the CSC Jinling shipyard in Nanjing, China to indicate any construction is taking place. According to the newspaper:

Dozens of workers at the shipyard said they had been informed of the Titanic II plans, but the project was yet to be given the formal go-ahead. “That ship was just a proposal. It’s never been carried out and the project has never launched,” one worker, Mr Wang, said.

Last year Blue Star Line signed a memorandum of understanding with AVIC Kaixin Beijing Ship Industry to help raise awareness of the project and secure investors. No report if that has come to anything tangible. Palmer has his own troubles with China. He is currently locked in a dispute with a Chinese company over royalties and said some unkind words about the Chinese government that made it worse.

People around the shipyard are disappointed. A large project like that means lots of workers  which help local businesses get a piece of the action.

 “They said the Titanic project would bring in big investment and the shipyard would have to employ more people but people have stopped talking about it and there is even suggestions the ship yard is going to move.”

As Captain Kirk would say about now, “Scotty, beam me up.”


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2 thoughts on “Titanic II Update: Nothing Going On At Shipyard”

  1. Finish naval architects Deltamarin, were the company who were contracted by Palmer to design the Titanic 2. They were the company that organised the water-tank testing of the model.

    Apparently Deltamarin were ordered to stop work on the project towards later last year.

    Titanic 2 is either on-hold or cancelled.

    Maritime experts were never convinced that the Chinese could build such a ship, with such elaborate interiors, anyway.

    Palmer is famous for NOT carrying his ideas through.

    Malcolm Oliver

  2. When I herd about the titanic 2 project I was beyond my world I was so excited that she would be coming back I been following this since 2012 thay done something’s but that was it I can’t believe I got my hopes for something like this up I’m a big titanic fan an have been all my life I’m shure other titanic fans all over the world are as upset as I,am well from me to Mr Palmer thanks for nothing I hope you are happy with your big lie to all my titanic friends all over the world. If u have something to say say it don’t hold back titanic an her passenger an crew along with all of the family of the victim of the desaters didn’t deserve this if any one has anything to say here my email address it’s adamschris252@Gmail.com I,look forward from hearing from you all god bless you all

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