Titanic II: Cruise Ship News Says It’s Not Going To Happen

Photo:Benjamin J MacDonald
Photo:Benjamin J MacDonald

Cruise Ship News notes that by this date things were supposed to be in motion. Excitement had been generated that a second Titanic would be built. Money had been spent on testing models and contracts with various vendors to the outfitting of the ship were done. You had Clive Palmer doing Titanic themed meals around the world with the rich and famous. Ah but now it is all quiet on the Titanic 2 construction. No keel has been laid, no contract has been signed to formally build the ship. Clive Palmer has had a falling out with his Chinese partners and in litigation with Citic Pacific.

The most optimistic appraisal is that things are stalled but realists will say the chances of this ship being built went from probable, down to maybe, and now unlikely. Maybe Palmer ought to contact Premier Exhibitions about buying the Titanic artifact collection, which is still up for sale and no bidders at this time. At least that will not require a Chinese company to build a ship for you.

Source: Titanic 2 Tickets Should’ve Been Available By Now(30 Sep 2014,Cruise Ship News)

2 thoughts on “Titanic II: Cruise Ship News Says It’s Not Going To Happen”

  1. I said this from almost day 1.
    Not long after the announcement about construction it began to go sour, then Clive annouces he’s forming a political party.
    Another pr stunt, I’m afraid that’s all it was!

  2. I would love to be on the ship .I only dream of it I’ll be happy when it does start moving.i have alot of medical problems but if i was lucky to get on thay ship i will feel like my dreams came true.

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